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What’s the next arc, the Saiyans Or the Zalama? Dragon Ball Super Next Arc

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Dragon ball started in the late 90s and since then it is one of the biggest organizations. The show is now mainly focusing on their characters and is bringing more fame and recognition to them. The upcoming movie of Super Dragon Ball has Gohan as the main character of the story and will be focusing on him. The series right now which is ongoing at the current time is on the edge of the Arc ” Granolah The Survivor “. Now everyone is excited and wanted to know what is the next storyline of the series. The predictions are for a Saiyan Arc whereas some are emphasizing the Arc of Namekian and Salama. So let’s just answer you’re every question. The series has already released its 131 episodes in just one season. And still, fans are eagerly waiting for more of its installments. The last series was a feature film that was titled Broly. Broly revolves around Goku and Vegeta who were fighting the Saiyan. The fans are also waiting for Dragon Ball Super: superhero movie to show up soon.


Saiyan Arc

Since there are a lot of perceptions from the side of fans about the arc of the next Super Dragon ball. So let’s just make this simple and brief with the fact that the arc will continue with the story that was already going on and then left. One of the longest arcs of the series was Granolah’s The Survivor Saga though it has high potential too. Every scene has its own and equal potential, from the powerful and impactful fight between Gas and Bardock to the defeat of Goku when he was fighting against Granolah. The series has different and major plotlines. Although the hype is too high at the current period so everyone is excited for the continuation of the series. Many want that the Saiyan Arc should be still in the consideration so that Vegeta and Goku are still the main lead.


Zalama arc

Talking about the Zalama and Namekian Arc, it is also the possibility of being the arc for this chapter. This is because since the makers have decided to give recognition to its characters, this makes the Zalama arc highly likely as the characters for this arc are much underrated and need recognition. Moreover, when we talk about what would happen in the arc, we got to know that Piccolo will have their dragon form now though it isn’t sure maybe it will turn for him to have a dragon form. Also from now, there should be a link between dragons and Namekians. There can also be an appearance in the Erased Universe arc. There are also many things left for us to know about Heeters and Granolah and this is going without a doubt. So this also proves the fact that the third arc which is possible to happen is the Granolah the Survivor Arc Part two. There are many perceptions made by us, fans, and others but at last, everything depends on the organization in which arc they wanna put their spotlight into. Once the arc of the movie will be released, this will make the mind of the fans change again about the next arc of the series. Although if the Saiyan Arc continues this will be favorable for both fans and the makers as they can simply just continue from where they left off.

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