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Lombardi’s large family once dominated the empire. After the death of their patriarch, the fate of the family and Florence, born of Lombardi’s father and the peasant’s father, falls into their hands with their useless cruelty. But when she is reborn as a seven-year-old self, she protects the honor of her family, wins the support of her grandfather Lulac, and works to prevent the death of her father. In her life of her, the only way she can win is to be the head of her strong family.


Lombardi family

Lombardis is a noble family, whose family crest is a world tree, symbolizing eternal prosperity. The history of the Rambala Empire is said to have been the legacy of Lombardis himself, as it was Lombardi, who was crowned Durelli, the first ruler of the empire.
Once upon a time, families had huge fortunes and their influence was undeniably great. They participated in all wars, won bloodless victories in excellent diplomacy, and supported great artists throughout the empire. As a result, the name “Lombardi” was engraved all over the world. img The imperial family felt threatened by the power of Lombardis, and shortly after Lulac Lombardi took office as the new patriarch, he issued the Royal Gate Edict to the Lombardi family, restraining Lulac and stopping his actions. Lombardi family. To counter the order, Lulac has enacted a “scholarship system” to select and train both ordinary people and aristocrats. Talented individuals who benefited from Lombardis soon occupy an important position in the entire empire. Without taking a step out of Lombardi’s territory, Lulac was able to settle his people throughout the empire. Therefore, in the end, the former emperor, who had to admit the power of the Lombardi family, admitted defeat and revoked the restriction order issued 20 years ago. Lombardi’s “class” On the surface, it sounded like a normal home education system. But the truth is, it was a harsh first assessment of the children in the family. First, only children who are willing to catch up, regardless of age. For this reason, choose your child’s level according to the age at which the lesson begins. Also, deregistration often meant exclusions because the exact age at which the course was completed was not specified. Finally, all class evaluations are done directly with the head of the family.
Lulac, the patriarch, carefully watches all actions taken and told by the children, hoping to find a suitable successor.

What Happens Next?

Florentia immediately sent a telegram to Perez, who returned with a box full of Bomnia flowers. Everyone will be surprised to see Perez very late to master Chapter 73 of his family at Lamberdi’s palace. When he asked why he was so hit by img heavy rain, he said he could do anything for his wife. After this conversation, he gives Florentia a box and she gives it to Estila. Now Estila works on medicines all night. She will finally develop a drug, but she is uncertain about her new research. She also looks nervous about Florentia and fears that if this fails, it will be difficult for her to heal her father. Florentia then told her grandfather that they wanted to make a cure and test it. You go to Galahan’s room and he is ready to take this medicine. To everyone’s surprise, the medicine is working and Galahan will feel better.

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