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the Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 8-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Skeleton Knight in Another World (Mr. Sotokogishi, Tadashi Isekai Eo Outing) is a Japanese light novel series written by Sarukioni and illustrated by KeG. User-generated novels to become a novelist Online serialization began in October 2014 on the novel publishing site. It was subsequently acquired by Overlap, which has published 10 volumes under the Overlap Novels publisher since June 2015. Akira Sawano’s art-based manga adaptations have been published online since February 2017 via the Overlap Comic Gardo website and are summarized in Volume 10 of the book. Both light novels and manga are licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in North America. Adaptation of the anime TV series by Studio Kai and Hornets, which aired from April to June 2022.

Upon waking up, the unnamed player finds himself in the body and armor of the avatar used in the online game. Seeing it reflected in the river, I was shocked to see it look like a skeleton because of the special avatar skin “Skeleton” he used. In unfamiliar areas, players decide that it’s best to hide their appearance by looking for a resident without removing their helmet. He spies on a group of bandits attacking the group from a distance. While discussing whether to get involved, he intervenes after seeing a thief plot to rape two women and kill a man. The women introduce themselves as the lady Lauren and the maid Rita Farren.  img The knight introduces himself as Ark and agrees to escort the two women to the town of Rubierte. He refuses the reward (because it causes complications if the aristocrat asks to see his face to avoid meeting Lauren’s father, Viscount Buckle du Ruvierte). Give him a bronze pass to allow him to pass through the cities of the territory.  When he sent a group of bandits near the town of Dient who attacked him, using the cave as a hiding place, he found an injured green fur cotton-tailed fox (“ventuvulpis”) held in a cage. discovered. He releases the creature, magically heals the wound, and makes it a friend. The fox indicates that he wants to stay and travel with him, and he calls him “Ponta” (because his tail resembles dandelion fluff).

Then, outside Dient, Ark meets a male elf and learns from him about the human skill of capturing and enslaving an elf. Elves share the fear and prejudice against elves that Ponta (what he calls a “spiritual being”) is so attached to Ark that Ark seems to have for most people in this world. I’m surprised that it doesn’t look like it.

img In the elf village of Laratya, Ark meets and greets Elder Dylan and his wife, Glennie, who is also Arian’s parents. No direct retaliation against humans, but secrets will be determined at a meeting of elders discussing information about human aristocrats involved in the slave trade and obvious violations of the 11 peace treaties. Will Operation The liberation of elf slaves continues. Dylan offers to hire Ark to help Arian further in exchange for providing him with information about the magical pool of land on Dragon Road that can break the curse of his skeleton. Ark agrees, and he, Arian, and Ponta begin their quest to free the prisoner/slave elves and end the slave trade altogether. They are Beastman Ninjas and their mission is supported by Chiyojo, a member of the Beastman Shinshin clan. Chiyojo embarks on a similar mission to save her fellow humans who have been captured and enslaved.

Meanwhile, in Olav, the capital of the Kingdom of Rhodes, King Carlon, who learned from the events in Dient that aristocrats may be involved in the slave trade with elves, sent his daughter Juliana to the diplomatic mission and the Grand Duchy. I will send it to you. Limbrut (trade with the elves, whose eldest daughter Cerialna is the wife of the ruler) arranged a meeting with the elves.  that means destroying everyone on their way, both will not stop reaching their goals.

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