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Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 110: Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Chapter 110 of Please Go Home Akutsu-San will be a big leap, as it will change everything between Akutsu and Ooyama. While we all know Akutsu for teasing Ooyama, she never falls short of a mischief plan to create a mess in his life. But this time, there’s a catch. In the upcoming episode, we would see, that it is her mom who did it. They are unprepared for that, and things soon turn comedic in their life.

In the upcoming chapter, Akutsu being in a drunk state will start revealing about her past. Akutsu will also talk about her mom and the bond that she shares with her. Later when she opens up about her feelings, Ooyama will be left shocked. Now although he is interested to know more, but things don’t turn out as he expects them to be.

Please Go Home Akutsu San Chapter 110

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110: What Will Happen Next?

Akutsu accidentally drinks some alcohol from her mom’s drink. Now intoxicated, she is not in control of herself and hugs Ooyama. Ooyama is surprised by seeing such behavior of Akutsu. But he soon realizes that she isn’t in her senses. In the drunken state,  Akustu starts babbling about her feelings. She will discuss her bond with her mom and how much she misses those days. And after this, she passes out leaving her conversation in the middle. Although Ooyama is interested to know more, but he decides not to disturb her now.

Please Go Home Akutsu San Chapter 110

A Quick Recap!

In the previous chapter of Please Go Home Akutsu San, we saw Akutsu vising Ooyama. Being aware of all her tricks, he decided to install some cameras in and around his house. Now that Akutsu knew about this, she was no longer interested in playing any prank on him. But as they were settling down, they heard a knock at their door. When they opened the door, they found that it was Akutsu’s mom, and she was drunk too.

Although Ooyama allowed her to enter, but Akutsu did not seem very happy about it. Soon her mom started talking about her daughter and how she looked when she was a kid. She showed Ooyama some of Akutsu’s old pictures. Later Akutsu asked her why she came to Ooyama’s house. She responded that she had brought some sushi for them. But later Akutsu’s mom passed out after drinking even more alcohol. Finally, Akutsu’s dad has to come over and pick her up.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110: Release Date

The manga series Please Go Home Akutsu San follows a weekly release pattern. So according to that calculation, chapter 110 just got a recent release on June 27, 2022. Fans were eagerly waiting for this chapter, as in this Akutsu’s true feelings towards Ooyama will be revealed and the fans will get to see how things change between her and Ooyama.



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