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Shinobi No Ittoki is out now, where you at? check out now!

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“Shinobi no Ittoki” is directed by hiding Watanabe (“Taisho Mebiusline Little-san”) and produced by TROYCA Studio. Minato Takano is in charge of the script, and Isamu Suzuki is in charge of character design and composition. Haruka Shiraishi (Furuhashi Fumino of “We Never Learn”) and Ryota Osaka (Marco Bot of “Attack on Titan”) are the protagonists. In addition, Katsuyuki Konishi will be in charge of Kaga Tokisada, Kikuko Inoue will be in charge of Yumika Sakuraba, and Aoi Yuki will be in charge of Kirie Kisegawa, Hitomi Sekine will be in charge of Ryoko Suzuno, and Miyu Tomita will be in charge of voice.  Shinobi no Ittoki (Shinobi no Ittoki) is a Japanese anime TV series that will be released soon, produced by DMM Pictures and animated by Troika. img


In modern Japan, the Iga-Ryu learned that after trying to kill him, he was a direct descendant of the Iga Ninja clan and a legitimate heir. His mother sends him to Japan’s only national ninja school, Ninjutsu Academy, where he learns and trains as a ninja and investigates who is trying to kill him and why. At school, he engages with his new classmates, including a young ninja girl who is once beautiful but deadly, but the dangers are always present especially if the school is suspected him of being a traitor.

Shinobi no Ittoki is a Japanese anime TV series released in May 2022. At the time of the trailer’s announcement, it wasn’t very well confirmed by the creators of the video. However, to keep the horse moving, the creators have released the official second and main trailer for the show “Shinobi no Ittoki” exclusively on AniTV’s YouTube channel. In just a few hours, the trailer has surpassed over 100,000 views and thousands of likes. The show will begin airing in October next year. The
also handles parts such as character design and the work of the chief animation director. Tomishiro supports this weekly television series with his music. No date has been set at this time, but creators have confirmed the broadcast month of October 2022. The show may contain a bit of violence and emotion, as the show will cover the battle between the ninja and the two clans.

Details of the main staff

Directed by Shinobu’s temporary Hide Watanabe (episode director of Aldonoa Zero and Re: Creators), and directed by Minato Takano (co-author of Kakegurui live-action movie) Suzuki, a series composer, and screenwriter. Melloi II’s case file {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note Animation Director) is a character designer and chief animation director, and TOMOSIRO (MacrossΔMovie: Zettai Live !!!!!! co-composer) is a music composer.

img The premise of the animation includes a long-standing conflict between two ninja factions, Koga and Iga. The main character is a boy who is attacked by a Koga-Ryu ninja and lives a normal life until he learns that he is the 19th successor of Iga.

Shinobi no Ittoki Synopsis

The story continues with Sakuraba, an ordinary boy who discovered he was the heir to an ancient ninja family after surviving a surprise attack. To survive, he learns to be a ninja at one point and fights to protect the lineage of his family.

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