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The Duke of Death And His Maid Chapter 222 [Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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The Duke of Death and his maid is one of the weirdest shows for me to walk a very thin line. Episode 1 jumps into a joke about boobs, including a very insightful introduction to Covergirl. The cover girl immediately issues a warning that “it doesn’t suit me”. But surely, as the show progresses, Alice’s Duke’s teasing becomes pretty adorable.
This episode is slow, but it’s undeniable that it tells very well how lonely Duke is. Cursed by a witch for no apparent reason, he was then abandoned by all his loved ones, except his maid and his butler. The swing scene when he accidentally touched and killed the tree with it is heartbreaking and depicts a wonderful picture of how painful his life has been since he was cursed. On the other hand, in the second half of the episode, you can see that his power is afraid of his visitors.

img Alice isn’t the focus of this intro episode, but we know enough that she has a feeling for Duke, despite his curse. Her constant teasing of him moved my eyes early, but as we look more at how his inside story and curse affected his life, don’t think about it. became. Of course, it’s very helpful here that both grow up, have emotions with each other, and haven’t had anything in common before. Most importantly, Duke can’t approach anyone because of the curse-Alice knows this and emphasizes that despite her risk, she’s pretty close to him. .. It also has the advantage of resisting his curse and annoying the Duke. This show is J.C. It’s the work of the staff, and both the background graphics, 3D style, and strange animated mouth are very reminiscent of the look they gave the High Score Girl. It doesn’t hinder trading by any means, but it’s one of the weirdest shows that looks better when it’s stationary than when it’s moving at a particular point.

Of course, the big question is whether this show can go far. Even if Alice changes her mind about habitually invading the Duke’s personal space, it’s a hassle to get him up close and confused. Exploring both of their backstories is promising, and if the duo can be proactive about the curse, the frequency of moments centered around Alice’s little mischief can easily diminish. .. Overall, Shinibo and his maid were surprised to be able to put together an interesting story after the barrage of boobs in the early scenes. You will almost certainly not be able to play, but if you end up with something like the high score girl above, you might want to play after the full season.


  1. Manga: Koharu Inoue’s “The Duke of Death and God” was published on the Sunday Webry site of Shogakukan from October 3, 2017, to May 17, 2022. Shogakukan has put together the chapters in individual book volumes. Volume 1 was released on January 12, 2018. As of November 12, 2021, 14 volumes have been released.
    On July 2, 2021, Seven Seas Entertainment announced that it had licensed the English version of the series.
  2. Anime: The adaptation of the anime TV series by J.C. staff was announced on February 2, 2021. The CGI-heavy series will be directed by Yoshinobu Yamakawa, Hideki Shirane will direct the script of the series, Michi Kuwahata will design the characters, and
  3. img Gen Okuda and Takeshi Watanabe will compose the music for the series. The opening song “Full Moon and Silhouette Night” is sung by Natsuki Hanae and Ayumi Mano, and the ending song “Nocturne” is also sung by Ayumi Mano. It was aired on Tokyo MX, BS11, and ytv from July 4th to September 19th, 2021. Funimation is licensed for the series outside of Asia. After Sony acquired Crunchyroll, the series was moved to Crunchyroll. Plus Media Network Asia is licensed for the series in Southeast Asia and airs on Aniplus Asia. Medialink has licensed the series in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau and streamed it on the YouTube channel, Ani-One Asia.
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