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The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 70-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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In Chapter 70 of The Player That Can’t Level Up, we will see Kim gearing up for a new task. In the previous chapter, we saw him resurrecting Hwang Jicheol with the help of Baal. As Hwang was sleeping, they had to take help from the holy sword to wake Hwang up from his sleep. But it seems like Baal has some different motives as the holy sword possess some demonic powers that could create problems for Kim.

In the next chapter, we will be seeing Hwang being out of control after waking up. He will find it difficult to deal with the new life. So we might see a fight between him and Kim for battle while Baal, to protect himself, will leave the place. Meanwhile, Ras plans a deadly move to gain more powers.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 70

Preview of what will happen in Chapter 70 of The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 70:

After Hwang was resurrected by Kim in the last chapter, it seemed as if something had gone wrong. This is because Hwang looks a bit different and perhaps will charge an attack against Kim. Well, we cannot deny the possibility that there’s a high chance of Kim and Hwang having a face-off as Hwang has no clue what has happened to him. Further, Baal doesn’t wish to get cut up in the mess, thus he would prefer to leave.

In the meantime, someone will be planning to expand the abnormal gates in South Korea. The person plans to create chaos in the world, and for this, Ras, who is the leader of the Caravan Guild will help him. Ras has planned to use demonic powers and expand them. He will get indulge in heinous work. Elsewhere, we will also get to see Kim finding his new mission and working on it, in chapter 70 of The Player That Can’t Level Up.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 70

A Quick Recap of the previous chapter!

In the last chapter, Kim GiGyu crossed paths with a human vessel, that used to hold an ego. He soon gets to learn that it was Hwang Jicheol’s empty vessel that didn’t contain fragments of his ego. But believing that there must be a way to connect with the vessel, he touches the head that activates the link that could be used to resurrect the vessel. Now he can resurrect the egoless vessel.

Suddenly Baal appeared and told Kim that the vessel belonged to the Paimon’s descendants. But Kim was more surprised to know that Baal had all this information.

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 70

When is Chapter 70 released?

The Player That Can’t Level Up usually follows a weekly release pattern. And it is good news for the fans that, chapter 70 of The Player That Can’t Level Up has already been released on May 22, 2022. You will find it on their official website.

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