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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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What is Tokyo Revengers all about?

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series that has been written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Since March 2017, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine. An anime television series adaptation which was produced by Liden Films also aired from April to September 2021. After its huge success, a second season is set to premiere in January 2023.

The previous chapter of the Tokyo Revengers brought both joy and sorrow to the readers. But it seems as if chapter 253 will be stacked with bad news. While we will get to see our favorite characters being defeated left and right, in the meantime Takemichi would receive another horrifying vision. Wakui has also been criticized for dropping off the time travel aspect in the series in the last few arcs.

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What is the summary of Chapter 253 of Tokyo Revengers?

Mitsuva, Hakkai, and Akkun all of them lie in defeat after having come face to face with Chifuyu. Hanma also gets knocked out by the punch from Chifuyu. While seeing all these worries Takemichi about his friends, Kakucho barges into land a punch on him. Mikey is below the freight container when Peh-yan calls out for him. With Smiley and Angry standing alongside him, he orders Mikey to come down. It is there that he gets challenged by Smiley.

In the meantime, Benkei and Inupi fight and Inupi is punched by Benkei and falls to the ground. Inupi and Koko also get applauded by Wakasa for their performance. Kanto Manji Gang cheers for the victory of the Living Legends. Mikey meanwhile defeats Smiley and Peh-yan and we can see a crying Angry. Takemichi is worried and gets distracted by the battle it has in front of him. He falls to the ground in defeat when he is punched by Kakucho.

Tokyo revengers

While Takemichi lies on the ground, he starts reconsidering his decision. He starts pondering if his decision to move forth with the battle was a reckless one. He also blames himself for Toman’s loss in the fight. As he slowly brings himself back up, he grips the railroad track. Due to this, a vision is triggered unintentionally where he sees Toman members run over by an oncoming train. He also envisions Haruchiyo’s confession of being the perpetrator of the incident. Now that Takemichi is back on his feet, he finally concludes that Haruchiyo has planned to kill everyone.

What are the Speculations regarding this Chapter?

There has been a debate between the fans over the vision of Takemichi’s being a farce or reality, but the context suggests that it is indeed a vision. But Wakui did not allow Takemichi to have a vision after Draken’s Death.

Also, fans could not spot Senju on the train tracks in the vision alongside the rest of the cast, in the raw scans of Chapter 253 of Tokyo revengers. This might mean that either Haruchiyo spared his little sister or Senju is exempt from the vision.


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