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Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 106-Will Sakanashi win the match ?

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Twin Star Exorcists Anime is a Japanese manga series which is written by writer Yoshiaki Sukeno and also illustrated by him. It started being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Manga Magazine since the year October 2013. And by June 2022 it has completed its twenty-eight tankobon volumes in each chapter. The story is about two young children Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino. They both are talented exorcists.


Plot of the series

Rokuro Enmado is a powerful and aspiring exorcist but unfortunately, he and his friends had a tragic incident and he lost his friends and thus left his profession as an exorcist. One day he suddenly and fatefully met a girl who herself was an exorcist from the eastern side. She was of the same age as him. They both are said to be destined to marry each other by a prophecy. They are said to be “Twin Star Exorcists” and would have a child who will be the greatest Exorcist of the time and will be known as “Miko”. He will be capable of wiping out all the evil spirits from the world and can even end the war that started a long time.



In the previous chapter, chapter 105, we saw Rokuro was spending time with his family and was having a good time. He was really happy staying in the outcast valley, he never experienced this type of happiness before in his whole life as he was experiencing it right now. When he was talking with his parents, they told him about the Great Yang’s Soul. The Soul of Great Yang has been trapped in this valley for a long time now. Every time the soul gets reborn, the village people kill the baby inside the valley then and there. So with all this, the Great Yang never got reborn in the world. But once a man came whose name was Sakanashi who could harness the power from the soul of the Great Yang. But the power lasted only till his body and soul got split. So now the only threat to Rokuro was Sakanashi as he wanted to destroy the valley so he could get the soul back.


Chapter 106

In the next chapter, chapter 106 of the Twin Star Exorcists, we may see different shades of Rokuro. He came to know that he is the only and last hope left for anyone and they have their all faith in him. So he too did not want to be the one who breaks their faith. The last chapter shows us the main villain of the series. Rokuro wasn’t the one who fought with humans, demons, etc. in his entire life but has now understood the purpose for he has been born in that place. He has now realized the fact that he is the one that has to serve people. Since he is the last successor left to hold the soul of the Great Yang, he has a lot of responsibility to hold on as he has to safeguard the outcast valley and protect the Soul of the Great Yang from Sakanashi so that he won’t be able to destroy it. So in chapter 106, we will see Rokuro entering the arena in the valley to fight Sakanashi to save the valley.


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