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Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109 [leaked online] check out the latest chapters

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In the present manga universe, Twin Star Exorcists might not be the greatest shounen manga ongoing, but still, it has its fair share of good moments where it has outshined many big titles. The series’ main strength is in the world that it brings to us and the unique characters that are portrayed. Now we can dive into chapter 109 and what it has for us.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109 Release Date and Timing

Twin star

Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine, which monthly publishes the manga Twin Star Exorcist. It presents the latest chapters of various other manga titles.

So the status of Chapter 109 of Twin Star Exorcists is that it is not released yet. And if the official schedule by the VIZ is to be believed, then it is scheduled to get released on July 3, 2022, at noon, am (JST). But the raw version is already made available on May 29th and fan translations on 30th May 2022.

What are the Release Timings?

If the data remains correct, then the chapter is to be available in English at the following time in the different time zones, as provided.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM on July 3rd
  • Central Time: 10 AM on July 3rd
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM on July 3rd
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM on July 3rd
  • Germany Time: 5 PM on July 3rd
  • India Standard Time: 8: 30 PM on July 3rd
  • Australia (Central) Time: 12: 30 AM on July 3rd

Are the raw scans out?

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

As of now, we have not got any information about the raw scans, or the spoilers. raw scans are usually out on an average of 5-7 days before the official release date. These are typically found on online forums such as Reddit and 4chan.

So the raw scans for The Chapter 109 can be expected to be out by July 1, 2022.

And the spoilers will only be available once the raw scans have been verified and translated.

Where can you read the manga online?

All the new and previous Chapters of Twin Star Exorcists are available on the official website of VIZ or Shueisha’s Mangaplus service. Apart from this, one can also have access to download official mobile apps on Android or IOS devices. Additionally, Mangaplus also offers chapters in Espanol/Spanish

The first three and latest chapters are available free to read on these websites whereas, for the rest of the chapters monthly subscription fees of $1.99 has to be paid.

About Twin Star Exorcists Manga Series

Twin Star Exorcists is a Japanese manga series. It follows the story of Rokuro Enmado who comes from a family of exorcists. But what he aspires is to become a singer, a soccer player, or anything just other than an exorcist. When a girl named Benio Adashino, another exorcist, arrives, Rokura is suddenly inflamed with a competitive spirit. He then decides to put his natural knack to good use.

Slowly, they get to learn that they are the destined “Twin Star Exorcists,” it is then that their rivalry starts getting more complicated. The Twin Star Exorcists are the two ultimate fighters who are fated to marry and create the prophesied child who will eliminate all the Kegare in the world.


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