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All about The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110

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Tutorial Tower covers the aftermath of combat. The Master and the Queen of Ali will continue to fight in the next chapter. The Master fought hard in the previous chapter, but he found it difficult to kill her. So he needs a new way to protect himself from monsters.
But in the next chapter, the Master will find external help in combat. He continues to attack the ant queen while the dragon and monkey monsters monitor all attacks. You find the weakest point of Queen Ali and try to study her attack to help her master dodge and counterattack.img Tutorial Tower Advanced Player Chapter 113 Preview: What Happens Next? The Master will continue to work with AntQueen in Advanced Chapter 113 of the Tutorial Tower. Now, the Master doesn’t know how much energy the climber has absorbed, so Queen Ali seems to be very difficult to deal with. So it matters to him. In addition, external forces continue to distract him. But it looks like someone is helping him. Million seems to help with the queen of ants. She ties up the Queen of Ants badly. However, there is speculation that she may avoid the attack, making it difficult for Master and Million to deal with Queen Ali. Meanwhile, dragon and monkey monsters also try to help the master from a distance. After seeing her attack, you will eventually understand how to beat her. It’s a team effort, and eventually the master crosses another stage and approaches to reach the mediator.


A brief summary!

The Master finally climbed the tower in the previous chapter, but someone prevented him from reaching the mediator. At first, he was surprised to see the creature and believed it was a mediator.  But in her case, things took a dramatic turn when she froze her master’s leg. Immediately, the monkey and dragon monsters discussed that she had absorbed the skills of a climber who could not reach the top of the tower. While the Young Master was dealing with the attack, the creature revealed in Chapter 112 for Advanced Tutorial Tower that she was Queen Ali, not her intermediary. In addition, when Queen Ali used her power to attack the Master, she realized that even the Ice Spirit could not climb the tower.

Queen Ali also revealed that these were mediator attacks and talked about her unwavering heart. The Master did her best to attack Queen Ali with her weapons, but she survived. He cut her in half after her, but her body regenerated. Meanwhile, the mysterious god of chaos fought against the owner of Million’s body, who could not win the battle.

 Release Date

The Tutorial Tower Advanced Player Chapter 113 was scheduled to be released on May 9, 2022. However, the author did not publish the chapter that day. Currently, it is unknown when Chapter 113 will appear. It can be inferred that Chapter 113 may return in late May. stay tuned. Anime Daily keeps you up to date.

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