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One Punch Man Chapter 165 [Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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Episode 164 of One Punch Man left the fans in turmoil. After the previous episode now fans want to know what will happen next in the series, as it seems to be moving in an exciting direction. This came after Murata decided to redraw the chapter. It seemed as if he has altered the entire course of the manga.

When another chapter of the mangaka was released, that too knocked it out of the park. While the latest chapter has a ton of elements to enjoy, it seems as if each chapter is taking us closer to understanding the entity that everyone calls God.

one punch man

What is it in Chapter 165 of One Punch Man: Garou goes nuclear

Garou quite literally went nuclear, after he had entered his cosmic fear mode. Garou was always considered someone who strived to understand the flow of energy that was present in the gushing water streams and he tried to replicate that in his combat moves. However, when Garou is in this state, he understood the flow of all the types of energy and force which exists in the universe. Then, he used this power of his, harness it, and create powerful moves.

He was able to implement nuclear fission into his attack because his “All Life Eradication Fist” was extremely powerful. His attack was so strong that it was able to put scratches on Saitama. As the outfit of The Caped Baldy got ruined, this bothered him a bit much and he got annoyed due to this. But what affected him the most was the fact that Garou was able to replicate Saitama’s move. He surprised him by performing Consecutive Normal Punches.

chapter 165

As Saitama was determined to counter it, he too released a barrage of normal punches. But what annoyed the hero hunter of One Punch Man was that the Caped Baldy wasn’t paying attention to him. He released another attack called Gamma Ray Burst. It seemed really unlike that Saitama would be able to flee from the scene when someone is fighting him. He later realized that it was extremely powerful and that he won’t be able to dodge that. However, it looked like Saitama got caught in the attack.

What happens when Garou becomes the epitome of Absolute Evil?

After that attack, all the heroes gathered together in one place and Garou stood before all of them. When he starts attacking, the heroes realize that he was the person behind those attacks.

Later in the chapter, it was revealed that Garou didn’t take help from God. He straight away refused by slapping his hand away. But despite this, he received power when he touched the entity’s hand. Garou became the avatar of the entity. Garou also thinks that tareo is the coolest hero among them all, but he seeks forgiveness from him because now he knows is time for him to conduct evil.

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