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Hakari Vs Charles , Who will win? : Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 of Jujutsu Kaisen is going to focus on the fight of Hakari against Charles. The fight started of nowhere, there wasn’t a good reason for it to turn into a battlefield fight. But Hakari has been preparing for this fight for a long time. He intentionally made fun of Charles because he knew he would oppose it with a negative reaction to it. The quarrel has just begun and is in its initial stages but Hakari has already a bigger hand in the fight. They both were talking about feelings and poetry but then out of nowhere, Hakari came up with the topic of expansion of his Domain. But fans aren’t yet aware of what power Charles holds inside him. Right now for everyone Charles is the submissive in the fight. But soon as the fight starts everyone is going to see his potential. Continuing reading the full article to know more.


In the previous chapter, chapter 182 of Jujutsu Kaisen we saw that Charles took out a GPen as his weapon while the fight was about to begin. Charles then started attacking Hakari while they were talking about how Charles wanted to become an Astronaut. But since he cannot be the one he will travel the whole space inside his head. Charles also tells Hakari that he has lost all his hopes and motivation being a reader, and it feels like he is giving up. Charles then attacks Hakari and slashes his cheeks from his GPen. On seeing this latter immediately stood up and asked Charles if it is alright to use the Open as a weapon to hunt down the people. So then to defend himself, Charles started reminding him about the incident that happened between Kanda and Ozora Tsubasa.


After all this, Charles attacked Hakari again and for him now the conditions are fulfilled. This time Charles attacked him in his chest and made a little square figure. Hakari tried to repel and give the attack back to him but was on the ground instead. Through the technique he used before, Charles was then able to see the future in one second. So he warns Hakari to stop the fight as the time of him to see the future will increase and increase. Hakari with his intelligence decided to attack Charles in the blind spots that were created in the panel where he was able to see the future. Charles stated that Hakari’s CT hurts like sandpaper and is rough. Charles is also equally strategic as Hakari is, so he also attacks Hakari in his blind spots. But Hakari was able to judge those attacks. So by the end of chapter 182, Hakari released his domain expansion.



Chapter 183

In the next chapter, the sides of the readers might change as we will see that Hakari was right for provoking Charles purposely. Hakari is someone who is popular for his potential and his greed for gambling. He was looking for someone who he can take down so maybe or maybe not Charles was his purposely chosen option. Do you think if Hakari wins the battle he will get any points for it? Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 183 may start with a little introduction to Charles as a person. But he will be no more significant than just a randomly or purposely chosen opponent of the Jujutsu Kaisen High School student, Hakari. But Charles’s potential has still not been clearly shown in the previous chapters. So the next chapter may show us his abilities.

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