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The Free Chapters of Golden Kamuy- Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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It was published in Shueisha’s manga magazine “Weekly Young Jump” from August 2014 to April 2022, and as of June 2022, it has been compiled into 30 volumes. The story is after Aya Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War in the early 20th century, and Ainu girl Achilla helped to seek Ainu’s huge fortune. The Ainu language in the story is supervised by Hiroshi Nakagawa, an Ainu language scholar at Chiba University.
Adaptation of the anime TV series produced by Geno Studio, which aired over two seasons from April to December 2018. The third season was broadcast from October to December 2020. The fourth season, produced by Brain’s Base, will premiere in October 2022. The adaptation of the live-action movie has been announced.
Manga has been licensed for English release by Viz Media since 2016.



  1. Background: After the Russo-Japanese War, Golden Kamuy was held mainly in Hokkaido and its surrounding areas, explaining many of the real political, technological, and cultural developments of that era. An important part of the series, such as Hijikata Toshizo’s character, is a fictional version of real people and events. Special attention is paid to the Ainu indigenous people and their culture.
  2. Thanks to Kamui for exploring their language and how to respect and use all parts of nature and the beliefs they offer them. Later in the story, we will explore the various subcultures of the Ainu language and the difficulties that they endured when they were involved in the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute. The plot also explores the fierce struggle between soldiers and war veterans on the common themes of moral ambiguity, survivor guilt, honor, penalties, and virtue ethics.
  3. Central MacGuffin is from the epic story of the universe of gold discovery by a group of Ainu miners who allegedly produced 20 cans of gold and killed another man. The survivors ran to hide the money and tell their companions. He was then discovered and captured by Japanese authorities who misrepresented his execution and hid him in Abashiri Prison in hopes of torturing the place from him. The survivor staggered and watched carefully to prevent him from escaping and communicating with the outside world. He tattooed many parts of the encrypted map to his fellow prisoners and provided some of the money to share with outside fellows. Eventually, the prison recognized the code, but couldn’t read it and tried to move the tattooed man to another location. They just overwhelmed and killed the prisoners before they were dispersed at night.


How many chapters are left after Golden Kamuy ae over?

Satoru Noda announced on April 7th in Weekly Young Jump No. 19 2022 that there are only three chapters left until the end of Golden Kamuy. The final chapter, Chapter 314, will appear in Weekly Young Jump No. 22, 2022, due out on April 28, 2022. This week the manga is dormant and there are no new chapters on April 7th. As of, the entire manga is free in Japan.
To celebrate, all chapters of Golden Kamuy are now freely available online in Japan, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 311. Meanwhile, the final volume of the series, Golden Kamuy Volume 31, will be released in Japan in July 2022.

Fans are also waiting for Season 4 to come out this year. Golden Kamuy will also enter its fourth anime season in October 2022. The adaptation of the TV anime first started in 2018 and was so popular and profitable that it came back almost every year.

I only recently got the Golden Kamuy, and it’s still in the early stages of manga. But it’s been an incredible ride so far, and the series is quite different from what I had imagined. The most common thing you see on social media is the contextless Asirpa memes and faces. If you just watched anime, I recommend buying manga. If time permits, I’ll start the animation myself.

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