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Extreme Heart Anime-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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According to the recent updates, Masaki Tsuzuki is back with a new project which is titled, “Extreme Hearts”. Anyone who has known Masaki Tsuzuki’s work might be fawning over new updates. No updates have been given about the release date of extreme hearts until now. Below, we have tried to bring together all the available data about the upcoming project so that readers do not miss out on this potentially fun anime.

Extreme Hearts: What can be the storyline of this anime?

As no source material has been released as of now, it is difficult to presume what it could entirely be about. But if we consider the previous works of Masaki Tsuzuki, then we can assume that the anime could have an influential magic theme. Till now, two visuals have been released. Some details can be deduced from the given visuals, but it will be too soon to draw out an entire plot from the given visuals.

Extreme Hearts Release Details

The possibility that the series could be a CGDCT genre cannot be ruled out. The released visuals of Extreme Hearts seem to point out that the series might be about a mixture of sports and idols. Although different theories can be deduced, a short plot description from Masaki Tsuzuki is highly anticipated.

Saki Kotaka

What is the release date of Extreme Hearts?

It’s been two years already since the series was announced. It first came into the news back in 2020. But till now only two visuals from the series have been made public. No announcement of the release date has been done yet. But it can be expected that we get to see the series latest by early 2023. Of course, there is a probability that it could be delayed beyond that. However, with two visuals out already, it is highly unlikely that Extreme Hearts will be produced after 2023.

Waki Ikawa is in charge of the character designs. Further information about the series is available on their official website.

Release dates of the visual teasers of Extreme Hearts:

The first visual teaser of Extreme Hearts was released on 20th May 2021. The art looks very soothing and neat. The name of the character as it was visible was Hiyori Hayama. In one picture, she was singing, and in the other, she was playing basketball quite intensely. The text on the picture reads, “Run once more to claim your dreams”. This rose our hopes that, could the series be about an idol wanting to live the life of a common student? Or is it about a student wishing to be an idol? It can be either of them or something entirely different!

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