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Love All Play Episode 13-Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Love All Play, which is also popularly known as The Speed Going To You is 493 km is a new sports rom-com which got released recently in 2022. It is a Korean series which is directed by Jo Woong. The series stars Park Ju-Hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-Hyun, Kim Moo-Joon, and Seo Ji-Hye in lead roles and has a target run of 16 episodes. Episode 13 of Love All Play has a runtime of 62 minutes.

Recap of Episode 13 of Love All Play:

In Episode 13 of Love All Play, it is shown that Tae-yang is on probation for two weeks. This was after she had posted an apology letter for Park Jun-young on social media. While Tae-yang received a backlash, Kwon wanted to fire but Tae-yang stayed on the team only due to the efforts of Coach Lee, which helped Tae-yang a lot. Yuk Jung-hwan asks Tae- jun about Tae-yang’s condition. It is then that Yuk Jung-hwan learns about the breakup of Tae-yang and Tae-jun.

Love All Play Episode 13

Jung-hwan gets surprised by the news of Tae-jun and Tae-yang breaking up. Then he decides to call Jun-young to let her know about Tae-yang’s probation and her break-up with Tae-jun. But it seems that Jun-young wasn’t quite elated by knowing this news. She tells her mom about Tae-jun’s break-up. After she hears this, she thinks about her son must have been suffering all this time alone. So she sends Jun-young to give Tae-yang his favorite side dishes which she cooked for him.

Yu-min and Tae-yang meet co-incidentally. There she inquires about her relationship with Jung-hwan. Love All Play Episode 13

Yu-min is dragged outside by Jung-hwan so Tae-yang and Tae-jun have some privacy to sort things out. Tae-yang requests Tae-jun not to avoid her because they will come face to face many times. Tae-jun tells her to not care about him and that he will hurt on his own.

What is the ending of episode 13 of Love All Play?

In the end, we see, Jun-young getting asked by Tae-jun to play a match with her. It is during the playing that she notices, something is wrong with her knee of Tae-jun. When she takes him to the hospital, total bed rest for some days is advised to him by the doctor. The doctor inquired if he ever felt any pain, to this he said that even though he did feel pain, he never thought that this would be anything much serious to pay attention to. Jung-hwan visits Tae-jun when Jun-young is with him. Both get closure and wish each other good days ahead.

love all play

Review of Episode 13 of Love All Play:

In Love All Play Episode 13, Tae-yang gets back to her former friends when she reveals the truth about her past. Due to the guilt that she felt, she punished herself more than she deserved. Jung-hwan and Jun-young get themselves free from their relationship after they finally let out their suppressed feelings.

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