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Read about Kyoukai Senki Episode 16!

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The second season of Amaim Warrior is much more exciting than the first season. Amaim Warrior is one of the decisive best mecha releases of the year. In the previous episode, NAC was ready to pull Yada Glass out of the turmoil.

Amo was there to help with the rescue project. Then again, what he did in the final scene of the episode changed everything in the crew.

Amo eventually ran NAC Commander, leaving everything behind to proceed with her operations. The upcoming Amaim Warrior series explores the aftermath of this move. That’s all I know about the latest episode.

In the next episode, Amo must face the effects of his movements. Killing the NAC commander is not important in a chaotic situation. So can they save Ammo’s day during the adventure?

Amaim Warrior Episode 16: What do you call to follow? Amo and Zion have reached the point where they can all do all the work and had some luck as a result of their plans. Surprisingly, on the other hand, Amo was angry with something like rejection. He went from the pinnacle of bankruptcy to the shortest position of NAC commander and fulfilled his mission in one fell swoop.

The main character in this episode is a fierce struggle. Episode 7 deals with the aftermath of the commander’s death. In episode 16 of the
Amaim Warrior, Zion talks about what he did. For episode calls, there is no possibility of such a fierce battle after the alarm goes off. I would like to see how this show works during the episode. Returns of episodes before.

Summary of the previous episode!

In episode 15 of the Amaim Warrior, entitled “Reunion,” Yada Glass was ready to escape with the help of NAC. Amo also played a major role in coordinating withdrawal from wo. After that, Maki spilled a statement that he was the president of Tryvecta all the time. For this reason, it was they who did not do enough work for the AI. All responsibility for Ghost Raid used to rest on their shoulders.
But if Brenson was betrayed by the Germans, ghosts were the ultimate bait they took from them. And for the past eight months, Brenson Company has been building kenbu. Towards the end of the episode, a wonderful scene is in the limelight. Amo just comes and executes the commander of the NAC army.


In episode 15 of the Amaim Warrior called Reunion, Yada Glass was ready to escape with the help of NAC. Amo played a trivial role in coordinating withdrawal from wo. Before that, Maki lied to the president of Tryvecta. So they were overwhelmed. Their obligations to Ghost Raids have also been fulfilled.

When Brenson was betrayed by the Germans, ghosts became the ultimate food they took from them. Brenson eventually built Kenbu for eight months. At the end of the episode, a beautiful scene hits the sky. Amo only cares about the NAC commander.


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