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The Revengers Of Tokyo Chapter 261 [Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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Taiki is a monster among men, holy shit! The legendary duo was crushed and shattered into the final fateful battle between Mikey and Takemichi in the spoilers of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261. Don’t go anywhere and stay up to date with us. Wakasa and Benkei thought they could establish hegemony and claim their superiority as bosses, but Taiki was too hot for them.

Senju, Coco, Inupi, and Takemichi are shocked when the tide suddenly changes, and Taiki can just sit down and watch the fierce battle between Manjiro Sano and Takemichi. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 Spoiler Currently, there is no Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 Spoiler. yet. However, it will be updated here as soon as possible.

In other words, to summarize this, martial arts vs. Manjiro Sano. Taiki Shiba established their superiority and responded to his reputation. He unknowingly knocked Waka and Benkei to end the battle with the legendary duo immediately.

Koi, Inui, Senju, and martial arts were all impressed. Taiki invites martial arts to fight Mikey, and he accepts the invitation. The next Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 spoiler will cover the battle between martial arts and Mikey quite a bit.

Fans are still curious about how Hashirama Senju will end in a later chapter. Will you take revenge on Mitsu, who is trapped in thirty bikes? Now you’ll know over time.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 Summary 

 The next chapter is called “Squaring Off” and most of it revolves around Taiju’s battle against Benkei and Wakasa. The Black Dragon landed Taiju with some punches, but he didn’t move an inch.

Apparently, Taiju has been against his opponent so far. Oddly enough, Chapter 260 of the Tokyo Revengers also mentions that Hashirama Senju has been severely hit. She sees Taiki and Martial Arts fighting Mikey’s group, but she can’t help her partner because of her current condition.

It’s definitely great to see Senju still alive, as many characters have died in the manga series because of the Kanto Swastika Group. The legendary duo is trying to perform their secret operations that amaze Senju.


Senju fears that Taiki will die from this move. Coco and Inupi are in despair because even Taiki cannot overcome the combination of Waka and Benkei. But Taiju has other ideas. When the duo is rushing toward him, he stands calm and stops them on their trucks. He holds her face and hits her head against the ground with tremendous force, ending her battle with a single blow.

Then the chapter focuses on Mikey preparing for another battle. After Tai Chi finishes the battle, he points to the martial arts and asks, “Be a hero.”

Martial arts hurry to Manjiro Sano and ask him to take a step back and meet him. Sano approaches martial arts and says “It’s …” Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 Release Date Chapter 261 is scheduled to be released on July 13, 2022. Fortunately, there are no breaks this week.

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