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Tiger And Bunny 2 Episode 14 [Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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Of all the ongoing series, the Tiger and Bunny 2 has been called one of the best series. The series just keeps getting better with each passing episode. When the viewers learned that Mugan and Fugan were dying in the last episode, that left a mark on the viewer’s minds. Thus, the villain duo has finally taken their last breath. But the struggle of the superheroes has not stopped even after such an emotional scene. It is quite clear now that viewers will be witnessing many more fights in the upcoming episodes. Moreover, Gregory is finally out of the cell.

What will happen in episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2?

A lot was shown in the conclusion of the last episode. It is very likely that very soon, a new villain is going to appear in the show. On the brighter side, the superheroes are in good condition. They will also start preparing for the next fight. Thus, we can expect another intense action sequence to be on the horizon. As Fugan and Mugan have been defeated, there might be Ouroboros who are getting ready to attack the superheroes for their own selfish goals.

tiger bunny

In Episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2, we might also take a look at its location of Gregory. Now that the man is at loose after running away from the cell, he is carrying the drug with him. This might pose many problems for the superheroes and civilians. However, only the upcoming episode will tell up to whatever extent he might achieve it.

Recap of the Previous Episode!

Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 13 started giving a brief flashback of the childhood of Mugan and Fugan. The duo then find themselves being indebted. Thus, they attacked the superheroes with a plan to destroy them. The battle went on pretty smoothly and almost found Mugan and Fugan in the lead. The duo kept getting positive results as they kept attacking the first league group. Bunny was their first target. However, it is figured that Fugan kept losing his power after sending blows.

tiger and bunny

His arms and legs got broken. As soon Bunny took notice of this and used it to his advantage. However, after a certain time when nothing was sure, the villain duo kept on leading. But as Thomas Taurus controlled his group member to stall Fugan, this could not go on go too long.  On the other hand, due to the Magical Cat’s attack, Mugan got injured. Thus, their team efforts lead to the defeat of the villain duo. Mugan then transported Fugan to their safe place, where they both got shot by Gregory. While their death became a news story, the superheroes were recovering at the hospital.

What is the release date of episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2?

Now that Gregory is on loose, things are sure to get more complicated now. It is good news for the fans that Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14 has been released on April 15, 2022. The series is now available on Netflix for streaming.

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