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Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out Anime Season 2-Recap, release date, time, and many more information 

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The good news for fans is finally here!! Uzaki-chan wants to hang out anime season 2 is finally confirmed for its release in October 2022.

It was confirmed by Funimation on August 8th, 2021, that the fan-favorite anime has been set for a second playdate on 2022. While the fans waited patiently for the next tens of months for more information on the premiere to be shared, finally it is now that their patients have been rewarded.

On June 23, 2022, on the official Japanese website, it was confirmed that the series Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out season 2 will premiere. It will be played as part of the Fall 2022 broadcasting slate, which will begin in October.

What about the TV animation?

season 2

A new update has been released via uzakichan.com that the TV animation will begin to roll in autumn 2022. Its key visuals have been released. Fans can look forward to its broadcast.

The anime adaptation for Uzaki-chan was announced way back in 2020. With that, the series premiered in early July. However, it seems as if, the production team of Season 2 decided to take it a bit slower so that more chapters of the manga series can get released.

As it was seen previously, up till chapter 34 was covered in season 1. At the time when the manga’s finale got released, 61 chapters were already released. It simply points out one thing, the team has been likely waiting for enough source material before they put out season 2 into full production.

Following the Crunchyroll merger with Funimation, since the premiering of the anime, fans should take note that Uzaki-chan might return to Crunchyroll to be simulcast.

The caption of the trailer for Season 2:

The following captions were included in the official trailer of season 2:

“Sakurai Shinichi, who is a third-year university student, has a relationship with a junior who loves to annoy him. Uzaki-chan”, or Uzaki-hana, is considered to be a pain in the ass. Although he has spent most of his summer holidays without being bored in any way, Uzaki-chan still has more fun!

With Autumn, the spring festival began. Christmas was being celebrated in winter, and there were so many more to come!! Now with the addition of Uzaki-chan’s family, things got even more lively. The two “just senpai and juniors” begin to show signs of change in their daily lives little by little!

Overall one can say that it is a youthful slapstick love comedy that comes with a ‘dazzling’ junior student who is both annoying and cute.

What is the plot of Uzaki Chan Season 2?

Uzaki Chan Season 2

It seems that Season 2 will finally indicate the finale of the show. It might also dive deeper into the romantic side of the characters. Until now, not much is known about the storyline of Season 2, but we can expect with the excess source material, that Season 2 will have something interesting to show.


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