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Ao No Orchestra Anime Recap, release date, time, and many more information 

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Ao No Orchestra which is also known as Blue Orchestra is a television anime series that has been developed from a manga series. It is written by Akui and Makoto. This anime series is a school drama based on the music theme. It got its serialization by Ura Sunday.

Out of all the music genre manga, Ao no Orchestra is considered one of the best anime on music.
The story of Ao no Orchestra revolves around the main character Aono. He was a violinist prodigy. But he quits playing the violin owing to some of his family problems. Then Aono comes across Akine who again reignites his passion for music and violin. Then both of them join a high school orchestra where they decide to display their talents and hard work.


This anime just gets better as it moves forward. The story’s drama and music make the manga even more amazing.

The manga of Ao No Orchestra:

Ao No Orchestra is written and illustrated by Makoto Akui. On 25 April 2017, Ao no Orchestra started on Shogakukan’s online platform MangaONE. A week later, on May 2, it also started on Ura Sunday. Shogakukan collected its chapters into individual tankobon volumes. On July 19, 2017, the first volume got released. As of April 19, 2022, ten volumes have been released.

Synopsis of Ao No Orchestra:

Hajime Aono is the main character who goes to school. He loved playing violin and used to live for the sound of his violin playing. His father was a world-renowned violinist player and ever since he was young, he had always admired his father. It was his father who had inspired him to pick up the instrument himself. But after his parents had a bitter divorce, Aono vowed to himself to never play again and he headed for high school without a direction or any prospect.

Aono was an unathletic player, so during a physical education class, he got hit in the face with a ball and then landed up in the infirmary. There, he met the brash Ritsuko Akine. She started playing the violin in the room, believing that she is alone. However, Aono was unaware of the fact that there was a past incident, where there had been rumors claiming that Akine is a bully. This has then isolated Akine completely from her other batchmates.


Akine had always dreamt of enrolling in a school with an orchestra, but her amateurish playing and lack of musical knowledge grated on Aono immensely. Their teacher sees this as a perfect opportunity for the two. She suggests both of them become friends and that Aono teaches Akine how to play the violin. But this is something Aono is vehemently against. However, as the pair spends more and more time together, they soon learn to understand and help each other. This might help Aono finally discover the lost passion and melody in his life.

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