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Hear about Kokyu No Karasu Anime,no? Read it here!

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The ancient-themed anime series is one of the most interesting. Not only do they give us wonderful ancient stories, but they also make us feel more connected to the past. We also saw really adorable characters, their traditional way of life, and clothes and ornaments that literally seem to come from another world. This makes us feel like a princess or prince while trying to copy the character.

It makes me feel that such an anime series is coming soon. This may turn out to be the best historic anime series in 2022. The title of this series is “Glowing Crow”, well known as the light novel series.

In general, light novels provide only a small portion of the images in the series, and looking at the character’s design may not be enough. But Kokyu no Karasu anime takes you deep into the beauty of the series, so don’t worry anymore. The anime was announced a while ago and received a lot of confirmation later. But today something special has happened that really excites the waiting fans. The first teaser advertisement for the anime “Koukyu no Karasu” has appeared, and the release date of the anime has been confirmed.

About the brilliant crow

The brilliant crow, which literally means “crow of the inner shrine,” is a Japanese light novel series. The light novel was written by Koko Shirakawa and illustrated by Ayuko. Published by Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. and serialized in Shueisha Orange Bunko. The light novel was released on April 20, 2018, and has been summarized in 6 volumes so far. The adaptation of the light novel-based anime was announced in 2021 and is finally ready for fans. As mentioned above, this series is historic and ancient and will bring us back to a time when kings and queens ruled the land. Kokyu no Karasu Light Novel has gained considerable support since its release date, and anime is one of the most anticipated.

Keikyu Crow Anime Teaser Advertisement and Release Date

The anime “Keikyu Crow” was announced on December 14, 2021, and it was later confirmed that it would be produced by BANDAI NAMCO Pictures. According to the latest news, the main cast of the series was announced, including director Chizuru Miyawaki. The script is Satomi Oshima and the music is Asami Tachibana.

The main voice cast of the series has also been announced. Saku Mizuno is Toyuki Ryu, Masaaki Mizunaka is Koharuka, Taku Yashiro is Seiei, and Marika Kouno is Twelve U. Keikyu’s crow animation is scheduled for October 2022, and the first teaser video is currently being released.


The teaser is 1 minute and 7 seconds long and I think it’s literally fascinating. The teaser gave us an image of Raven. Raven also showed us a small demonstration of her magical powers. Besides her, two other characters have appeared in the teaser. Everything looks very beautiful while the soothing Guzheng music plays in the background.

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