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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 189 Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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In any event, when it seems his karma has run out, Hakari keeps on wagering everything on his area extension. Yet again hakari ends up being incredibly lucky, yet he’s by all accounts not the only one ready to bet. As the fight goes ahead, Kashimo demonstrates he will face challenges to accomplish triumph also.


Who would’ve believed that the battle between Hakari and Kashimo could arrive at such horrifying levels in Jujutsu Kaisen? Hakari appeared to be so strongly contrasted with Kashimo, yet it worked out that his bonanzas were the only ones saving him from Kashimo’s torment. With every part, we are drawing nearer to the furthest limit of the battle, and the new spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen section 189 clue that the end is practically close.

Chapter Spoiler

From the solid punches and kicks to the lethal hits sent off utilizing the Cursed Energy, we have seen a few truly horrifying strikes from both the rivals. Kashimo is practically ready to kill Hakari toward the finish of the past part by crushing an opening through his midsection, however, Hakari has a few maneuvers left available to him, and releases his Domain Expansion toward the finish of the section.

Hajime arrives at the resolution that Hakari’s procedure is in Jitan mode, also called Time Reduction mode. This mode speeds up the draw, yet the likelihood of raising a ruckus around town continues as before. Once more, hakari lucks out and raises a ruckus around town, because of the Jitan mode. Hakari realizes some science stuff, so he chooses to toss Kashimo into the ocean as he would then be left with no choice except to utilize all his Cursed Energy or shut it off totally.


Since Hakari has raised a ruckus around town, he has gotten limitless CT and Reverse Cursed Technique once more. Hajime rides on the close-by reviled spirits and attempts to battle Hakari back. Yet, Hakari effectively tosses him into the water. While Hakari is trusting that Kashimo will come up, he smells serious areas of strength for something falls into the ocean. That solid smell is chlorine gas, which rises after Kashimo releases power into the ocean. It is then uncovered that Reverse Cursed Technique clients can be killed by pounding their minds or harming them. Furthermore, eliminating the toxic substance requires a High Reverse Cursed Technique activity. Kashimo believes that he has at long last crushed Hakari, until shockingly the last option out of nowhere resuscitates himself, revived because of the great programmed Reverse Cursed Technique his body is utilizing. With the five seconds of his eternality left, he begins to go after Kashimo under the water. Toward the finish of the part, Kashimo causes a colossal blast under the ocean.


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