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Lightning Degree Chapter 93 Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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Lightning Degree Chapter 93 will focus on Ryuyeon and his groundbreaking strategy. Ryuyeon is a strong yet turbulent individual who just holds back nothing treasure. He couldn’t care less about different sentiments, and neither does he recognize ladies. To that end, he crushed each individual that came in his manner. In any case, Wijicheon chose to obliterate and prevent him from taking their fortune.
Presently in the 93rd section, Ryuyeon will utilize his abilities to overcome Wijicheon. He will devise an arrangement to obliterate their door and take the resources. Be that as it may, the princess’ presence will confuse things, particularly for Wijicheon. He utilizes his strong blade method to overcome Ryuyeon. Presently we should find out what Ryuyeon will do straightaway.


As of late, the creator declared that it’s the finish of the subsequent season. So Lightning Degree Chapter 93 will set aside some margin to return. It will get back with the third season, which could deliver in the fall of 2022.

Precap of chapter 92

Beforehand in Lightning Degree Chapter 92, Jang Hyng discussed Ryuyeon’s way of behaving. He called Ryuyeon an outsider for his abnormal way of behaving and going after abilities. Jang said the daemun group’s individuals use water to overcome their adversary, and he accepted that they would utilize sun shooting swordsmanship to overcome Ryuyeon. In any case, soon, Ryuyeon showed up and fiercely crushed individuals who should stop him. Later he entered the third Gate, Common Faction, and crushed individuals. Even though they utilize a weighty sword and strong strategy, Ryuyeon crushed them and took their fortune.

Ryuyeon then, at that point, entered the fourth Gate, Kunlunpa, and crushed the understudies who had dominated Unryongdae Eight equations. Before long, he visited the fifth Gate, Hyeongsanpa, and crushed the watchmen. They were shocked to watch their loss, particularly when foreseeing their attacks was incomprehensible. Ryuyeon went to Bingbaek, yet before that, his next stop would be Cheongseong. Ryuyeon entered the spot, and the military was hanging tight for him, however, he chose to stay away from them and went directly into the fortune’s bearing.


What to expect

Ryuyeon will make a beeline to track down the secret fortune in Cheongseong. So he will avoid Wijicheon, the wing sword mythical beast’s assault. He chooses to ascend the mountain and pick what they are stowing away. So Wijicheon utilizes thousand trinity swordsmanship to overcome him. However, it makes breaks in the mountain, and it begins to implode. In the interim, the princess tumbles from the top while attempting to save her adornments and significant trimmings. Notwithstanding, Ryuyeon will be astonished to see her. Be that as it may, rather than commending her magnificence and thinking of her as a fortune, he will go to the little house to get the fortune. Yet, the princess will utilize her sword to go after Ryuyeon. They will battle, and soon Wijicheon will enter. He will attempt to safeguard the princess and the fortune, yet Ryuyeon will utilize this valuable chance to overcome Wijicheon and escape with the princess. He will drive the ruler to give him a container brimming with cash to get his girl back.

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