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One Punch Man Chapter 167 Recap, release date, time, and many more information 

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One Punch Man Chapter 167 was the last piece of the riddle we expected to settle the discussion among Goku and Saitama’s fans. Since the bare legend was first acquainted with fans, both fanbases have needed to demonstrate that their hero is the most grounded.

Presently, with the arrival of One Punch Man Chapter 167, we at long last have thought of the genuine power Saitama has. While contrasting his solidarity and Dragon Ball’s cast, it is almost certainly correct we currently realize who is most grounded.

What happened in the Chapter

After Genos was killed by Garou before Saitama’s eyes, the bare legend concluded the time had come to quit keeping himself down. Garou went too far and achieved something no other reprobate in the series has done previously: driving Saitama crazy.

Saitama and Garou were moved to space by Blast to keep the earth from being annihilated by their battle. At the point when their punches impacted, the shockwave sent them flying towards Saturn’s moon. At the point when they showed up, Garou attempted to utilize his entrances to overcome his rival quickly, handling two or three great hits against the legend.


In any case, Saitama was not impacted the least bit, standing up seconds after the assault to obliterate the moon with a solitary hand. Involving its remaining parts as stages, Saitama hopped starting with one and then onto the next while overpowering Garou with punches.

Yet again similarly as the uncovered legend was getting ready to complete the battle, Garou entered his Saitama mode to utilize his foes’ moves against him. One Punch Man Chapter 167 finishes with Saitama and Garou hitting each other directly upside the head, with the legend draining from the punch interestingly.

Saitama is finished pulling out his punches against this monumental rival, so we can be sure now that he is at long last involving his original capacity for this battle. Sadly for his fans, this reality causes it to seem like the incredible strength of our #1 baldy is not even close to most Dragon Ball legends.

Saitama had the option to obliterate a whole moon with one hand, an extraordinary accomplishment for a human in his universe, yet a typical event in Dragon Ball. While apparently, the legend didn’t apply a lot of exertion while achieving this accomplishment in One Punch Man Chapter 167, Goku and his companions have had the option to do likewise starting from the start of Dragon Ball Z.


Fans Reaction

Somebody Punch Man fans contend that this isn’t something very similar, since Dragon Ball characters use light emissions to annihilate planets, not unadulterated strength. Some might contend that the power shown by Saitama in One Punch Man Chapter 167 isn’t the constraint of his solidarity, considering that he has no sort of limiters any longer. This might be valid, and it is conceivable he will keep on getting more grounded as the series advances, yet so will Goku and his companions.

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