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Princess Connect Re : Dive- Is season 3 cancelled?

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You may not know the fact that “Princess Connect Re Dive” is a Japanese video game that too a role-playing video game. Cygames were the developers of this game. The game was released originally in Japan, in February 2018 for Android and iOS devices. But the month of May 2018 it got access to Microsoft Windows as well by DMM Games. Its anime television series was then released by Cygames itself which started airing from April to June in the year 2020. The second season has recently been released from January to March 2022.

The fans have made a demand for season 3 of the Princess Connect Re Dive since the day the second season came to an end. The second season recently ended in March 2022. So there hasn’t been a long wait. But still, there is an anxious fan following this series. Although there aren’t any announcements yet about the next season, its productions, or its plot but predictions about the series can be made. So keep reading further to know more.


The series “Princess Connect Re: Dive” has already launched its two seasons so there aren’t any more chapters left for us to see as it has already released its 12 episodes. This means that the story won’t start from the part it ended in the last season. This means we cannot guess the exact plot of season 2 as the story can go in any direction. The fan following of the series started when the last episode of season 2 was launched. This is one of the reasons for the hype for season 3. At the end of the episode was when Pecorine is finally reunited with her family members. This made every viewer turn into a fan with a sigh of relief.

Season 3

Moving on to the plot of season 3, we will see that Karl and Kaiser will develop a more stronger and special relationship with each other. And also before Kaiser will be sent to prison he is going to get some time to spend time with Karyl. The story may include them both but the main lead story is still our girl, Pecorino. She has a lot of things to move on from after all of her struggles and hard work. There are also going to be various tests for all the friendships in the story. This will bring more eye-opening lessons for the main character of the story.


Release time

Since there isn’t any more story left from the previous season to continue the production needs some time for the continuation of the series. So the anime series of the Princess Connect Re: Dive isn’t confirmed for release by any officials yet. So we cannot even guess about its release. But we can be sure about one thing if any officials of the series announce anything about the anime series by the end of this year, 2022. Then the release can be expected to be in the year 2023 or the next year 2024.

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