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Tomodachi game episode 3 -Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Katagiri Yuuichi and his group of friends clear one of Manabu`s friendship games in the latest episode of Tomodachi Game. This time, they’re up against another game called “Bad Mouth Sugoroku.” With that in mind, here’s the Tomodachi Game episode 3 release date, time, and everything else you need to know to keep up with Tomodachi Game’s thrilling second game!

What Happened in Tomodachi Game Episode 2?

After speaking, Katagiri Yuuichi violates the rules of the Kokkuri-san game, despite knowing that he is not the current reader of the question posed by Manabu-kun. Yuuichi decides to play a bluff and provoke the traitor among the group to expose himself/herself in front of everyone to save Kokorogi from the traitor who tries to dump every single debt everyone has. With that, he informs everyone that there has been an unexpected rule change in his question card, which states that the person with the least amount of debt will receive the last placer’s penalty.

No one reacted to Yuuichi’s aggravation; instead, they all answered the final question correctly, allowing them to win the first game and the prize money of 2 million yen. This was after Yuichi said in a tone that made everyone think that there was no traitor, that he would be friends forever, which meant a final warning to the traitor. After completing the game, the group discusses the meaning of the first game. Everyone claims that the debt is 3.6 million yen, but Yuichi doesn’t believe a word.

Now that everyone has sowed suspicions, he becomes aware of everyone’s actions and motivations.

Yuichi apologizes for leaving the room with a shoelace before the start of the second game. Yuichi starts and inspects all the question cards on the table. Unfortunately, the ink on the map disappears quickly, which makes Yuichi so regrettable. After that, Saku Sasaki appears in front of Yuichi, and the two discuss speculation.

Surprisingly, Yuichi Sawashiro says she is the one who most believes to be her traitor because of her reaction in the conversation before agreeing to participate in her game. ..
On the other hand, to Yuichi’s surprise, Sawaragi suspects that he stole the money for the school trip. Before the conversation is over, Sawaragi confesses to Yuichi that he likes him and will not disappoint him in the game. When Misaka listens in the background, the two agree to be partners.

The second game begins with Manab explaining to everyone how the slanderous sugoroku works. The group must beat everyone in a private room and seal the transaction with a piece of paper. The submission is then read by Manab and judged by the gods in a poll.


The catch is that there is one condition that must be met in every room. In addition, the first person to cross the finish line is responsible for any debt accumulated during the game.

On the other hand, the remaining players on the board will receive a debt of 1 million yen, but they will be able to go home for a while and will not be able to participate in the third game. Every time the game is completed successfully, the debt will be reduced by 400,000 yen.

Then the group starts playing and moves from one room to the next, and the tension grows as each person’s secrets are revealed in turn. Their friendship and trust will be tested again in the game “Bad Sugoroku”. When the episode ends with another cliffhanger, Kokorogi collapses and despairs and cries. When is the release date of the third episode of Tomodachi Game? Tomodachi Game Episode 3 will premiere in Japan on April 20th at 1:29 pm JST.

However, due to the difference in time zone, the estimated posting time in your area is as follows.

Pacific Time: 8:00 am (April 19, 2022)
Central Standard Time: 10:00 a.m. (April 19, 2022)
Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 a.m. (April 19, 2022)
UK Time: 4:00 pm BST (April 19, 2022)

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