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Vinland Saga Chapter 193 Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Chapter 193 of the popular historical manga series Vinland Saga is already out and fans can’t keep calm.

In chapter 193 of Vinland Saga, we got to see, the conflict which was rising between the Norsemen and the Lnu tribe. And as of now, the village chief can foresee the upcoming disaster that would lead to their deaths. It’s only a question of time before two sides turn to use weapons against each other.

chapter 193

Moreover, Liggie, being aware of the situation,  asks the men to stay prepared as the worst is coming. He bluntly says that the tribes are the ones who are stealing their weapons, and they won’t think twice before they turn up against the Norsemen. Does that mean Thorfinn and Einar have been too kind to the tribesmen? Are they the double-edged sword that Eyvar was afraid of?

What is the storyline of Chapter 193 of the Vinland Saga?

Chapter 193 of the Vinland Saga starts with the Thorfinn asking his men not to lose hope and stay strong after the Markland incident takes place. He believes that the people who went missing people are still alive somewhere. Therefore, he requests everyone not to have any negative emotions against the tribal people. However, each one of them did not have the heart to accept the pacifist way of Thorfinn, especially after they have suffered such a huge loss and gone through so much. In this chapter, we could not witness Eyvar anywhere. So there are chances that he has already started preparing for war.

Mr. Liggie then explains to Einar that friendship can never happen between the Norsemen and the Indigenous people. According to his theory, the tribes only consider them as invaders and nothing more, and they have been acting friendly and waiting patiently for the right time to strike them. Einar also tries to calm down everyone and reminds them of the cordial attitude of Nsquahi’J’s, but that doesn’t help much.

chapter 193

Meanwhile, the elders in the village keep provoking the men against the foreigners. He continuously reminds them of the dreadful future that the barren land has, explosive arrows, and the battlefields. But some unorthodox men like Pulmuk decided to take  Thorfinn’s side. Pulmuk is of the view that growing crops like the Norsemen can permanently solve the problem of hunting and gathering food in the forests.

When is the release date of Vinland Saga Chapter 193?

Vinland Saga Chapter 193 has already been released on May 25, 2022. As we know of the pattern by now, new Chapters of Vinland Saga are dropped every 25th of a month unless there’s a break.

Where can readRead Chapter 193 of Vinland Saga Officially?

You cannot read the latest chapters of Vinland Saga officially online. However, other ways to read the latest chapters is to either buy digital copies of the latest volume from Kodansha’s official website or order the volumes physically from your nearby manga store.


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