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Wow, it is here now! Ranking of Kings Season 2 check out now

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Ranked Kings spoilers.

The Ranking of Kings appeared out of nowhere in late 2021 and delighted anime fans with a beautiful Eurofantasy atmosphere and a fun and encouraging story about a young deaf prince. The first season of the series was, to be honest, a masterpiece of contemporary anime. Over 23 episodes, it delivered an intellectual, destructive story of heroism (and what a hero looks like), while viewers continue to speculate. Moreover, it is undeniably gorgeous.


But now that Season 1 is firmly embedded in the rear-view mirror, what’s the future of this series?


First, let’s get out of the way of difficult parts. At the time of writing, neither the anime production company WIT Studio nor Fuji TV (the Japanese broadcaster of the series) have publicly confirmed that the second season of the Kings ranking is underway. That said, the reaction of very positive fans (the show currently has a 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes) and the surge in manga sales since the anime’s premiere, albeit, will continue for a long time. It means being shocked.


Ranking of Kings Season 2 Possible Release Date: When Will It Air? If we have a second season, when can we expect the boy’s king, who everyone loves, to come back? The best way to gauge is to find out how long it took to get the first few episodes. The first season of theKings ranking consisted of the first 12 volumes (156 chapters) of the source manga. Now called “Part 1”.


The first volume of these was released in February 2019, but creator Sosuke Toka started writing the series in 2017, and the 12th volume was published in December. That means it took at least three years to write enough material for the current adaptation. Volume # 13,

, which is the beginning of Part 2, is about to be released, which matches the pace at which one volume is released every four months. For those who keep counting, the current number of chapters in the ranking of kings is 191.


Therefore, fans seem to wait about two and a half years for Bojji to have enough adventure to justify the second season of the anime. If we are optimistic and Season 2 turns green, expect it to be seen in late 2024. This can happen earlier if WIT Studio decides to produce a 12-episode second season instead.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Plot: What Happens? The Kings Season 1 ranking ended with the completion of most of the major stories. King Daejeon regained control of his body, Bojji and Big Four managed to defeat Ouken and Miranjo, and King Bosse eventually died (this time forever)-floating in a surprisingly graceful way. ..If you get Season 2 of, it’s hard to know where the story goes because your stakes have been reset.


Two important things happen-Boji decides to abandon the throne and adventure with Kage (who can blame him?), And Desha is declared number one in the new king. Desha is also working with his brother to find a way to save their brother Uken (just crushed by a ball and thrown into a lake, FYI).


These two developments will sow more stories in the future, and I can’t wait to learn more, especially about the mysterious organization behind the “leaderboard.”

Aside from speculation, there’s not much to come, but in an interview with Anime News Network in December, creator Sosuke Toka said, “I’m a delicate person, so I love happy ending stories. I want to make everyone happy if possible. But I can’t do this for the bad guys. The point is very simple.

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