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FFF Class Trashero Chapter 124 is out now, Read here!

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The hero will tackle his next move in FFF Class Trashero Chapter 124. In the previous chapter, the hero fought the Old Prince and his army. However, the old prince was initially strong enough to tear the hero’s arm from his body. But that only increased his anger, and later the hero came up with his best move to kill the old prince and his army. But he remained surprised after learning about his wings.
In the next chapter, the hero joins Victoria and meets the aliens who survived the battle. Her mermaid survived the battle, but the hero wanted to kill her. Currently, it is unknown if he will kill her. Meanwhile, he continues his search. Read below for more information.


FFF Class Trashero Chapter 124: What Happens Next?

The hero wants to kill the mermaid, but Vitoria wants to talk to her. So she will ask the hero to leave her alone. But heroes will want to know about mermaids. But he can’t resist Victoria’s orders. So he leaves the place, but he wonders about his position. He is now a playboy. That is, he can easily fascinate other girls with his own words. But instead of focusing on his profession, he becomes more enthusiastic about discovering the truth about mermaid survival.

There are some unfinished businesses that heroes should work on. He needs to understand why the system isn’t working properly. So he summons the rice cake again to learn the truth. The hero moves to a new location, where he finds other aliens, including the corpse of the old prince. So he tries to investigate to learn more about his origins and what he has to do in this human world.

A summary!

The main character, Kang Hans, killed the Demon King after being summoned to the fantasy world for 10 years. Now it’s time for him to be sent back to Earth. what is that? Does the god of the fantasy world appear with his testimony? His personality rating was given as an “F” because he removed all obstacles that prevented him from killing the Demon King. The next regression is that he has to go back and start over. Can Kanhans end these endless returnees? And is there anything more happening in the background than he realizes?

Earlier, in Chapter 123 of the Trashero FFF class, the hero defeated the ancient prince and his army. Mochi later brought his arm and fixed it. But he continued to be amazed by the wings he had. He asked the rice cake if they were attached to his ribs. But soon he learned that he could get rid of them of his own will. The next moment, Victoria arrived and worried about Kang Hass, also known as the hero. She thought he was dead.
He thought the same. Fortunately, both were saved. Victoria has revealed that some unexpected events are causing havoc in the city. However, the relief team has embarked on a mission to keep people safe. Immediately a person named director

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