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Heard about And Yet The Town Moves? This is the right place for you.

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The town is still around, but the town is still around, a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Masakazu Ishiguro. The manga was published in the Young King Ours monthly magazine from 2005 to 2016 and was compiled into 16 volumes. Adaptation of the anime TV series by Shaft, which aired from October to December 2010. The manga was first licensed by Crunchyroll. In 2020, it was licensed by Manga Planet under the name “And Yet the Town Moves”.

This series traces the work of Arashiyama Bank, her friends, family, neighbors, shopkeepers, and colleagues who wept at a local maid cafe. Typical slice-of-life formats can be interspersed with stories about aliens, ghosts, and paranormals.

Main character

Arashiyama Bank: The banks are clumsy, capricious, and easygoing, but the main character is a friendly and well-meaning series. She’s probably the most famous teenager in her town, and she knows everything she needs to know about her community. With a childish innocent face, older townspeople treat Hotori like her granddaughter, but toddlers enjoy it comfortably. She is a big fan of detective stories and detective stories. Her deep dislike of mathematics stems from her belief that an ambitious detective like her is of little value. These extraordinary interests made her confront her math teacher and a city police officer. After being reminded by the owner of her maid’s seaside cafe about the free curry dishes she enjoyed as a child, Hotori started a part-time job at a restaurant. Her almost non-existent cooking skills and lack of feminine charisma have forced Hotori to clean up her household chores and errands. Despite her limitations, she is very serious about her work and wants to help the entire shopping district, not just the truly elderly owners.

Toshiko Tatsuno: Toshiko is Hotori’s cute and blessed girlfriend. I realized that my classmate Hiroyuki Sanada was only a regular customer, so I decided to work at the same coffee shop. Her outstanding culinary talent and her charming feminine charm make her an instant asset for Maid Seaside Cafe. Her owner, Uki Isohata, has a maid charm that couldn’t be found on the banks. Toshiko’s only drawback is that her lack of humility is largely arrogant. Her cruel and candid personality often clashes with Hotori’s immature personality, but they are still very close friends. She opposes the habit of calling Hotori’s childhood “tsundere” (which can be even longer than “tsundere”), but forgive when nicknames later become popular and others start using them. increase.

Hiroyuki Sanada: A childhood friend of Hotori and a classmate. Hiroyuki, the only child of a widowed fish store, often helps the store. He is very skilled in preparing and cooking seafood. Raised alone by a rarely affectionate father, also known as a local troublemaker, they behave like brothers in a love-hate relationship. Toshiko loves him very much because of his good looks and liking. However, Hiroyuki had been secretly in love with her childhood friend for so long that she barely noticed her progress. When I’m alone in the bank, I often imagine a scenario where I can take the courage to confess my feelings.

Ukiiso Hatake: Maid Seaside Café owner and head maid Uki took over the owner of her restaurant after her husband died more than 10 years ago. To keep up with the current trends of her generation today, she turned her curry shop into a maid-themed cafe. She was slow in business as the restaurant was understaffed with only her food and honor waiting at the table. Although not related to her, the banks have known her for a long time and affectionately call her “grandma”. Sometimes a little tyrannical, Uki is an elder who cares about the well-being of others and is respected in their community. Except for her nasty spine, she looks healthy and is still quite outgoing for someone of her age.

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