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Leadale No Daichi Nite Season 2 -Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Cayna will battle enormous creatures while on a mission alongside previous VR game participants in the second season of the anime television series In The Land of Leadale. But when will the second season of World of Leadale (Leadale no Daichi night) air?
Yuuji Yanase directed the first season of the anime. He is most known for helming the films By the Grace of the Gods and the animation In Another World With My Smartphone.


The release date for In The Land of Leadale Season 2 has not been formally announced by Kadokawa, Studio Maho Film, or any other organization connected to the anime’s production as of the most recent update. A sequel to In The Land of Leadale is not currently in production.

Streaming revenue is the main problem. In that way, In The Land of Leadale frequently appeared alongside Demon Slayer and Attack On Titan in the Top 5 of Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Anime list. Even though it was remarkable, it undoubtedly helped that many of the Winter 2022 anime were also available to stream on FUNimation and other websites.


The Studio Maho Film production schedule, which historically only takes on one to two projects each year, is the secondary problem. My feet are on a million lives. Given that the second season was pre-planned, it was only released a year after the first.

Publisher Kadokawa is anxious to release as much new isekai anime as possible while the genre is still popular even though animation studios are sometimes booked out for projects years in advance. The wait for the second season of In The Land of Leadale is probably going to last several years unless it is currently being worked on in secret.


After just relocating to the country with her adoptive daughter, Luka, Cayna’s life is both calm and busy. The local innkeeper’s daughter Lytt, Roxine, and Luka accompany Cayna on a journey to Felskeilo one day to check out the River Festival. But when they get there, Cayna learns from a nearby Guardian that another Guardian Tower is out of MP and needs Cayna’s assistance.

Cayna from Leadale has been transferred to a different realm where the Guardian Tower is shaped like a huge tortoise. He needs Cayna to use her powerful abilities to lend them so they can halt an army of monsters from reaching the royal palace.

Cayna finally meets up with the demon Opus, her old partner in the virtual reality game “Leadale,” at the bottom of a dungeon. However, as soon as they cross paths again, Cayna passes out from the sudden loss of magic power.


To see what happens next, anime fans will regrettably have to wait until the premiere of In The Land of Leadale Season 2.


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