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Other World Warrior Chapter 201-Release Information, Raw Scans, Countdown, Spoilers, and Online Reading

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Chapter 201 of Other World Warrior is filled with of challenges for Hufno. He will start working on a new project which would prove to be challenging for him. In the previous chapter, Hufno had got surprised to see Sapiel with a mustache, when she visited However, she wanted to touch his mustache as she thought it looked cool on him. It helped Hufno to win at least a fraction of the task. But then things seem to take an unexpected turn.

In the next chapter, Hufno will get to know from Sapiel that High Lord is visiting their estate where the knights and other guests will also be present. A dinner party is supposed to take place for their meeting. So he needs to prepare the best meal for the guest, especially for the High Lord. To garner Sapiel’s attention, soon Hufno will come up with a solution.
Other World Warrior Chapter 201

What will happen next in chapter 201 of Other World Warrior?

In Chapter 201, we will get to see Hufno working on two different missions. First, he needs to come up with a plan to impress Sapiel in due time, and second has to prepare the best meal for the High Lord who is coming to visit them over a dinner party. Spiel also mentions that at the dinner party, all the Knights and other guests will also be there. So now he has the responsibility of preparing a lavish meal for everyone. Hufno enquires from Sapiel about the kind of meal the High Lord will like. But she thinks that Quintum is the right person to ask this question as he can help him with this. But after a few minutes of brainstorming, Hufno suggests that they should prepare seafood and shrimp.

This was suggested as the High Lord belongs to the coastal region, so they concluded that he would love this idea. But still, there are two possibilities. The High Lord will be surprised and touched to see the seafood which will remind him about his birthplace and he would get all nostalgic or he might become upset after remembering a hard time that he had. Further, Hufno will continue to visit Paul to get his advice. He will try his best to win over his tasks, and get help from Quintum to decide on a menu.

A Quick Recap of the previous chapter!

In the previous chapter, Sapiel got surprised to see Hufno, he was there to serve her meal. She pointed out his growing mustache. Later Hufno recalled Paul’s advice and warning that it wouldn’t be easy for him to win Sapiel’s heart.

When he revisited Sapiel, he heard her talking to herself about how much she wanted to touch his mustache. Hufno immediately revealed to Paul that his mustache worked. From this, Paul deduced that Sapiel is personality type Z- a loyal and self-disciplined personality type.

Other World Warrior Chapter 201

What is the release date of Chapter 201 of Other World Warrior?

Other World Warrior manga doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it becomes quite difficult to guess the release date. But it’s good news for the fans that chapter 201 has already been released. It was released on May 22, 2022. So fans can go and read the chapter.

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