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All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 36! Read now

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Blanche goes to the dungeon of Chapter 36 of All Hale Lady Blanche. Rodolfo’s son asked her to marry him in her previous chapter, and she accepted his offer.  They knew she was doing this to get the card, but she didn’t want to exchange it for part of the card. Ricardo wasn’t happy to see him ready for his engagement. But soon after that things changed.

Well, in the next chapter, after getting the map, she goes to the dungeon. Rodolfo will soon learn and face this news. They will fight while Ricardo and Blanche share some beautiful moments together. Read below for more information.

What Happens Next?

Blanche gets the card image from Rodolfo and keeps him intoxicated. But Ricardo wondered what would happen if he had been kissing recently. Blanche felt the same way. She has a soft corner for Ricardo and her feelings for him continue to grow in Chapter 36 of All Hale Lady Blanche. They find time to chat and Ricardo expresses his feelings. Maybe Blanche will accept it and they will embark on a new journey together. As for the dungeon, Blanche and her team go to the last dungeon and extract valuables from it. They get there first and start evacuating. But as soon as Rodolfo and his men wake up, they go to the dungeon to teach Blanche a lesson. It will lead to a fierce battle between Blanche and Rodolfo’s men. Blanche’s team will definitely win and teach them good lessons.

A brief summary!

Earlier, in Chapter 35 of All Hail Lady Blanche, Blanche was ready to engage Rodolfo’s son. But Ricardo and everyone else weren’t happy with Blanche’s decision. Ricardo believed that Rodolfo gave her an anesthetic. That was the reason for this action. He also argued that Blanche should not be treated that way. It touched her heart and she wiped his tears away. When they were about to kiss, Blanche’s younger brother Julio entered.

He brought a razor to shoot Rodolfo’s son. But Blanche told him everything was okay and asked him to borrow a razor. They later celebrated the engagement ceremony, but no one was happy with it, except Rodolfo and his son. As the party continued, Blanche decided to face Rodolfo and his son in person. She explained that the one who drank more wine would be the winner. Rodolfo and his son thought she would be easy to handle, but in the end they all fell to the ground.

Release Date

All Hail Lady Blanche follow a stable release pattern. But unfortunately, the manga hasn’t returned in a new chapter in the last two weeks. However, Chapter 36 expects to return shortly on July 13, 2022. stay tuned.


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