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Are you ready for Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Chapter 56?

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Mao finally found a way to the palace and was able to analyze the etiquette of Kusuya’s individual bankruptcy in 1956. So far, she has tried with her high quality to win her belief in dignity. But it’s a long way to go, as His Majesty didn’t like women with flat breasts. Beautiful, the way she entered the palace was great. She knew her way of showing her wit and gave a special inspiration to vintage men. I never imagined I could clean a shrine at such a young age. 

But she proved that everyone was wrong. Here’s everything you want to understand before learning the following textual content: Now that bankruptcy is imminent, she is struggling to uncover the secrets behind Shin and her drug information. 

She will be worried about this thriller, but Jinshi asks for her vacation. He shows her the entire palace and her training will begin shortly. Continue your analysis to learn more about travel.


What Happens Next?

Maomao tries to solve the mystery behind his wife Rifa and Tamaba. She believed that someone taught Shin how to make poison. Shin is not someone who may know about drugs. So, behind that, there may be someone who wants to have an abortion of the emperor’s child. One does not need control to grow. In The Apothecary Bankruptcy 56, Mao paints this thriller to find out who this man or woman is. Soon after, another spouse investigates that Rifa, like her spouse Tamaba, is pregnant. Meanwhile, Jinshi meets Mao and provides her with a palace experience

He tries to teach her palace and score. Mao soon gets her education and grows up as her true spouse. The old man will appoint a teacher for her. She never thought her school was too difficult. 

Mao can be trained with exceptional parameters. Meanwhile, she can continue her only quest to find the person behind the murder of the king’s child.  A summary! 

At 55 for each of the drugstores, Jinshi noticed her father’s nightmare. 

 He appeared in a dream and looked sick, but his grandmother appeared in time and took him away. The Jinshi awoke suddenly and he seemed afraid of nightmares. He remembered in the past that his brother would turn into his father, and no one knew his secret.

He woke up early and decided to practice his work. The scene immediately switched to Maomao. She is now an integral member of Naiku. Thanks to her wit, she secured a place in the palace. But no one was happy with her appearance. They were later tasked with confiscating some bugs and bugs for their work. She wondered why Consort ReFa started wearing perfumes.


A summary! 

The Apothecary of the Pharmacy In the first half of Chapter 55, Mr. Minoru had a nightmare about his father. He seemed very ill in the dream, but his grandmother appeared and took him away. rice field. Mr. Minoru suddenly wakes up and he seems to be frightened by a nightmare. He said his brother thought he was his father and no one knew his secret. He woke up early, so he decided to exercise. The scene immediately switches to Maomao. As of 

She is an important member of Naiku. Thanks to her intellect, she won her place in the palace. However, not everyone is happy with their appearance. Then there are some bugs and the task of catching insects for the mission. She wondered why Consort ReFa started wearing perfumes. She suspected she was pregnant with the emperor’s child, and this was one way to hint at it.

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