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Are you ready to know more abut Black Summoner Episode 3?

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Kelvin challenged Cashel to defeat the Black Ghost Knight in Episode 2 of the Black Summoner, entitled “The Dark Knight.” As expected by the protagonist of another world, Kelvin effortlessly defeated Cashel, including his group. It wasn’t a big job for him. He quickly moved up the ranks and soon became at the top.

The battle between Kelvin and Black Ghost Knight was imminent, but suddenly a healing event occurred and their battle was delayed. There is also a CGI for Black Ghost Nights and action scenes. It wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think anime watchers will tolerate CGI characters.

Episode 3 Speculation

The identity of the old man is revealed in Episode 3 of the Black Summoner. The old man may be the head of the guild. He must be strong and seems to be quite impressed with Kelvin. Things look easy to Kelvin and I don’t think he will soon face any serious problems. After all, he is the hero of another world. I hope things will be a challenge for him a little sooner.

Release Date

Episode 3 of the anime “Black Summoner” was released on Saturday, July 23, 2022.
1. Will the Black Summoner takes a break this week? No, the Black Summoner isn’t taking a break this week. The episode will be released as scheduled.


Episode 2 Summary

Kelvin has returned from his adventure and raised his rank. Its sharp rise in level raised many eyebrows. Anju is pleased with his growth and tells him about Black Ghost Night.

Cashel appears and begins talking to Kelvin and Anju. Everyone knows the man is a scammer and hides his stats to trick others. Kelvin challenges Cashel to defeat the Black Spirit in front of him. Cashel was shocked to see him willing to go alone while Kelvin went with his group.

Cashel party members Raj and Gimul are ready to smash newcomers. When they enter the Black Spirit Knight Castle at night, they find the undead monsters already defeated.

Kelvin appears in front of them and tells them that the Black Ghost Knight is behind the other door. He knows they are behind him, not the Black Spirit. They attack him, Raj is the first. He easily beats him.

Gimul tries to escape, but Clotho stops him halfway and takes another form. It was revealed that he had evolved into Slime Glutonia. He throws away Gimuru. Cashel attacks Kelvin but defeats him without sweating.

Kelvin moves to defeat the famous Black Ghost Knight. Black Ghost Night is already in battle mode. Kelvin also prepares to fight him, but not before talking to him about something.

This works in favor of Kelvin when the Black Spirit sits down and starts talking to him. I’m glad to have someone to talk to me again after a long time. He even offers Kelvin candies.

Kelvin tells him about his servant covenant. He will not fall without a fight. They start the fight and share a hard blow. He refuses to get off easily, proving that he is a tough enemy of Kelvin.

We go into the inside story of Black Ghost Night. There he slowly loses everything, everyone loves him, and has been alone ever since.

Everyone in is happy to get rid of Cashel and knows that the Black Spirit has been defeated. Anju informs Kelvin that his rank has risen and he is personally invited by the guild chief.

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