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Come lets go watch the Lonely Castle In The Mirror Anime Film.

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Imagine Disney creating a survival-themed psychological thriller. Mizuki Tsujimura is the madman behind such a vision depicted in his novel Lonely Castle in the Kagami.
Taken in a mysterious castle in a mirror world, six ordinary teenagers fight to find a hidden room. price? Absolute wish.

Fans were excited when the series was adapted for anime due to its underrated status. This excitement only grew when the franchise revealed its director.

Shochiku announced on Thursday that Mizuki Tsujimura’s novel “Kagami no Orphan” will stimulate the adaptation of anime to be released in Japan in the winter of 2022. (The time frame for the winter theater release in Japan will be at the end of the year.)

Doubleday published a novel in English in April 2021 to explain the story.

In a quiet Tokyo neighborhood, seven teenagers wake up and find a bedroom. The mirror is on. With a single touch, they are drawn from a lonely life into a winding staircase, compassionate portraits, and a mysterious castle of sparkling chandeliers.

In this new sanctuary, they face a series of clues, which lead to a hidden room where one of them wishes. But there are pitfalls. If you do not leave the castle by 5 o’clock, you will be fined.

As time goes by, the destructive truth becomes clear. Only those brave enough to share their story will be saved.

Tsujimura published an original novel in Japan in 2017. He won the 2018 Japan Booksellers’ Award, surpassed DaVinci Magazine’s Book of the Year list in 2017, and won the Grand Prize at the 2017 King’s Brunch Book Prize.

Tsujimura The superiority of anime! (Haken Anime!) Roman is also stimulating the adaptation of the next live-action film to open in May this year. Vertical published a novel in English in October 2017.

Tsujimura also wrote the story of Naoshi Arakawa’s manga “School Frozen Like Ice” published by Vertical in English. Tsujimura also wrote the script for the 2019 animated film Doraemon: Nobita no Tsuki no Exploration Chronicle.

Kagami no Kojo (Japanese: Kagami no Kojo, Hepburn: Kagami no Kojo) is a Japanese novel written by Mizuki Tsujimura and published by Poplar Publishing in May 2017. From June 2019 to February 2022, the adaptation of the manga drawn by Satoshi Taketomi was published in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump manga magazine, and the chapter is summarized in 5 volumes of the book.

What is the movie about?

According to the creator’s official synopsis, the movie is being screened in remote areas of Tokyo. The protagonist of the story is seven teenagers who wake up on one of the strangest mornings of their lives. You will see their common room filled with endlessly shining mirrors. And that is her call to the mysterious world.

A long and painstaking journey in search of treasure leads them all to a room where only one wish can be fulfilled. And this is where a gentle but brutal rift between friends begins to appear. Action, thrill, friendship, and greed are the themes of the plot of the movie plays.

Lonely Castle Mirror Anime Movie Release Date

This movie has not yet received its final release date on the international platform from A-1 Pictures. But as soon as fans heard the name of the animation company, they were looking forward to waiting for the final product for a few weeks. The lonely castle mirror animated film will be screened in a Japanese theater on July 28, 2022.  So keep an eye out for Anime Daily for the latest information on this issue.

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