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Farzar Season 1 -Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Roger Black and Waco O’Guin are known for creating an anime universe that is filled with people. dropping f-bombs and genital-based jokes in various environments. Now the makers have tried their hands on a different genre, after staying earthbound in Brickleberry and Paradise PD. Now they have tried it on science fiction.

Farzad is is an adult animated show which is set on the titular planet, Farzar, present somewhere in space. Its chief characters consist of Renzo, who is the planet’s hunky Czar, his son, Michael, and the supposed antagonist, Bazarack. The showrunners for season one are the creator Roger Black and Waco O’Guin.


What is the storyline of Farzar all about?

The scene opens on the planet Farzar, and the narrator explains “Farzar was a peaceful planet until the evil aliens invaded. But they were fought back by Renzo (Lance Riddick), the czar of Farzar.”

It is an oceanic planet infested by evil aliens. He saves the human city and constructs an energy dome around it. He then marries a flaccid, who is a much older Queen Flammy, with whom he has a “fails”, Fichael. He does all of this just to sit on the throne. Fichael feels that it is time for him to fulfill his destiny and rid the planet of its evil. Renzo then announces his wish to hold Bazarack’s head. After the prince gets insulted by his father, he then accepts his offer.

He creates a faux team for Fichael – called the “S.H.A.T. Squad”. This team consisted of Scootie, a cyborg, Val/Mal Skullcrunchers, two adjoined sisters with diametrically opposite personalities, Barry Barris, a suicidal and perverted genius scientist, and Billy, an ugly-looking creation of Barry’s.

The price overcomes his fear of “fatal allergies”, which Flammy had instilled in him to keep him from ever leaving the city, to embark on his adventure.


First, they had to face the Intellectoids. Although going through them seems difficult at first and they are angered when they discover that the group is “not” fellow Intellectoids, Fichael inadvertently puts them away as he drops the sui-slide whistle, a weapon given to him by Barry that kills you when you blow it. Renzo paid Scootie to protect Fchael and his throne. But suddenly they are attacked by a “cocktapus”. It eats the others while Scootie gets high on “snarts”. Fichael drops the pill in his stomach and saves them.

Fichael and Bazarack join forces and prepares for war with Renzo. But, when Bazarack’s scientists repair the watch which was given by Barry, Fichael sees Renzo worrying about him through a wormhole. He also goes as far as to choose him over his throne.

Where can you watch Farzar?

Farzar is available on Netflix for the viewers to watch. Season one is already out on the OTT platform.

By the first episode, it looks as if a “keep your brains in a box” kind of show without any cultural or moral depth. But the subsequent episodes are a spring of surprises.


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