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Here it is – Shine On Bakumatsu Bad Boys Episode 3

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sparkling! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Episode 3 will be released this week. sparkling! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Unlike most anime, there is an original anime series. The story takes place during the samurai era in Japan and is a great choice for history lovers as it is a historical art. sparkling! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! A work directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa. The script is also Tetsuo Hirakawa. Yasuharu Takanashi provides music. The show was produced with the help of Geno Studio. The first episode of the anime aired on July 8, 2022. Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Two episodes have already been released and we will talk about the next episode of the show.

What Happens What Happens Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Episode 3 is what we are all excited about. In the next few days, you’ll see the new episodes you’ve been waiting for. The first two seasons were very good. To be honest, I’m happy and amazed at the quality of the show and I’m convinced that this show has the potential to run at this level.
Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys!


Well, new people are probably curious about what this show is exactly. Don’t worry people, I have your back. A brief overview of the program. It was the Japanese samurai government that the Shinsengumi police were mostly destroyed by unknown enemies. Only one survivor after the Shinsengumi police massacre. A new member of the Shinsengumi police has been elected and consists of seven prisoners. In this way, a secret backup plan begins to ensure that law and order are maintained in Tokyo.

Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Summary of Episode 2

The episode begins with a girl who expresses her gratitude for the best after what happened in the first episode. Akira asked Ichiho Noshi about her sword, and she replied that the sword was shining and she could feel the power in her body. In response, Todo says Commander Kondo may have been able to empower Isami Ichiyo. Todo talks about the incident on August 18, the day of his change of power.

Then go back in time with a flashback. Todo kills the commander when he sees everyone enter the palace at night. But the commander quickly kills everyone. The commander can attack Todo, who punches his face, but again throws a knife at his face and kills himself.

When Isami Kondo died, his soul was split into four different swords lying on the ground. You can also see a flashback of Sakuya who saw his father abusing his mother when he was a teenager. That’s why Sakuya is always serious. Shinsengumi receives the first mission to help Sakuma Shozan, a participant in the Matsushiro domain. The group departs with Sakuma Shozan. Shoyama and Gataro are on good terms and have good communication, and Shoyama suddenly attacks Shiseigu with a group of
thugs who hand over their glasses to Gataro.

The Shinsengumi takes on the thugs and ends the thugs. Leaves an unreadable mark. When reading the sign, Sakuya can see people watching the group from a distance.

Sakuya disappears as soon as he turns his eyes. Shoyama can recall that Sakuya was once an assassin who tried to defeat him. Ichibanoshi regained his composure and arrived at Kobe Port on the way. In the evening, Akira talks to Ichihaboshi, who is training and finds her parents angry at the death. When everyone is asleep, Sakuya goes out to confront his former partner, Kawakami Gensai, and fight Kawakami Gensai. They fight. The episode ends with Gensai escaping and Sakuya not escaping.

Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Episode 3 release date

Shine On Episode 3! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! It will be released on July 23, 2022.
SHINEON! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! EPISODE 3 STREAMING DETAILS Shine On’s latest season! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! First, broadcast locally on Japanese networks such as Tokyo MX and BS11.

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