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Here we are with Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389.1

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Chapter 388.5 began with great success, and everyone wondered how far Wu would get the treasure. But the longing for treasure grows in Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 389.1. Nee and Xiao need to be vigilant, as Wu can do anything to find the treasure and he doesn’t intend to share it with them. You will find all your answers on your next excursion. 

Now, in Chapter 389, the trio enters the first door and is amazed by the obstacles. Wu chooses to deal with the monster, and Nee and Xiao hide behind him. But someone in her past will visit and deal with it. 

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 389.1: What Happens Next? We never inspect the location of Chapter 389.1 of Tales Of Demons And Gods. He will finally find the exact place where they can enter the palace of fantasy in the sky. The door opens immediately and the three enter through the first door. But the first door has some deadly hurdles. Several monsters appear and Wu chooses to fight them while Nie and Xiao solve puzzles. 

Wu kills each monster one by one, never buying time to solve the puzzle. Later, they leave for an unknown land, and Nie will be surprised that they went through the first door. Wu plans to kill Nie and Xiao before they reach their final destination. But they will cross the road again with Long and his comrades. We would not be happy to see him and fight him. This time, Long will showcase the power and skills of the dragon. We will be difficult to fight. 



Earlier, in Chapter 388.5 of Tales of Demons and Gods, Wu was dissatisfied with the actions of Long’s companions and killed them one by one. He almost killed nine Long men and was ready to attack further. But that left Long scared. He didn’t expect the child to be able to kill his subordinates. However, Long quickly recalled that Wu’s combat skills were similar to those of the raccoon demon clan. He long wondered if Wu was in a high position in the clan. He defended Nee and Xiao, so both could be in high positions. So Long decided to talk to him instead of continuing to discuss with the children.

So Long came down to talk to Wu. He insisted on ending the battle here and apologized to Wu. However, Wu said one of his men behaved rudely to him. But Long said he had killed his nine men, so he wasn’t sitting on his attack. They had a moment of debate, but Long decided to leave the place and his companions followed him.  Wu wondered if humans were cowards, and then he asked Nee about opening the door to the palace of fantasy in the sky. 


Broadcast Date 

 Tales Of Demons And Gods do not follow a consistent release pattern. Therefore, it is very difficult to guess when Chapter 389 will be released. However, the next chapter is expected to be released on July 23, 2022. You can read it on the official page of  Tales Of Demons And Gods. stay tuned.  Anime Daily keeps you up to date.

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