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Kingdom Season 4 Episode 16-Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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A summary of the previous episode

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 15 began with Qin’s second promotional event. Shortly thereafter, Colonel Wang Ben of the Yuho Army and a new Colonel of the Fei Xin Army were called on stage. Wei’s Fire Dragon, which killed Zi Bui and Ling Huang, were both promoted to Brigadier General.

You are now commanding 5000 soldiers. Both Brigadier Generals were well received by both units, including Diao. Both troops were deployed to the Southern Front shortly after the recruitment ceremony. They were able to fight the Chu army. General
was not happy to hear that Ben is now Brigadie. The general talked about the power given to Ben and what he had to do.

Ben immediately recalled Ai’s challenge to become a general in five years. Ben thought he would take the first step and soon reach the position of general. Lao Ai and the Empress dowager also tried to rule the kingdom of love. It wasn’t easy, especially after Xiangung provided money to strengthen her army.

Laos wanted to increase its troops to defeat Shoun. The Queen thought she needed more money. They all celebrated the New Year after a while. Soon Laos was proclaimed the new king of Ai.

He looked back on his past and how he met the Queen, but he wanted to get out of that position. He couldn’t remember his past and how he met the Queen but discovered that Xianguang knew about her misconduct.

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 16: What Happens Next?

Laos will be shocked to learn that Shoko has information about his relationship with the Empress and that she is carrying her child. He talks to the Queen to organize things. She tells him to relax and allow them to do what they can.

This puts Laos in a vulnerable position. Ben and his army will continue to fight the Chu army. You work on the wall and build a defense system around it. He will be a little angry with the general’s behavior and will make a bad decision.

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 16 is called the “Coronation”, suggesting that the next episode is about the Laotian. Anyone can attend this ceremony. Laos is upset and talks to Empress Dowager.

She will tell him to obey orders. However, someone can interfere with the ceremony and quickly become dangerous. Sir Chagwen, who is trying to destroy the Kingdom of Love, will also attend.

Kingdom plot

The history of China, a war-torn country, is the basis of the history of the kingdom. The anime “Kingdom” is based on manga of the same name. Yohisa Hara drew an illustration and wrote it. The kingdom is a military history anime about the orphan Shin. Losing his family in the war, Shin now dreams of becoming a general of seven warring states in China. Its goal is to unify China and bring peace between these countries. Through this anime, we learn more about Shin and his journey to achieve his dreams.

Kingdom Season 4 Cast and Characters

Kazuya Monmaka, Kenichi Imaizumi, and Noboru Takagi are the current directors of the kingdom. The signpost studio is producing the animation.
There is a talented voice actor in this anime
Muta was called out by Adam Fedic. Li Xin was voiced by Masakazu Muta. Jun Fukuyama made a voice in Yin Chung. Rie Komiya called out to Ryo Diao. Wang Qi was screamed by Rikiya Jiuqu. Koji Yasa uttered Bi. Chengjiao was voiced by Myatakoki. Yang Duan His voice is sung by Mie Sozaki. Ten Akioka made a voice. Qiang Lei is sung by Yoko Translation.

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