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My Happy Marriage Anime- release date, time, and many more information 

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The series spins around the organized marriage of an impossible matching — an honorable conceived mishandled lady named Miyo and a wanton fighter named Kiyoka. Notwithstanding their conditions, the two in the long run open up their souls to one another to keep a merry marriage.


Initially a light clever series, My Happy Marriage is composed by Akumi Agitogi and delineated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. Kinema Citrus declared its anime variation, including two of Japan’s most famous voice entertainers.

Production and release

My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon or Watakon anime) will be energized by Kinema Citrus, the studio behind Made in Abyss, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. It will be coordinated by Takehiro Kubota, with character plans by Shoko Yasuda and music organizations by Evan Call. The anime transformation was reported on April 5.

An authority delivery date presently can’t seem to be uncovered by the movement studio, nonetheless. The manga appeared on Square Enix’s Gangan Online site in December 2018. The manga’s third accumulated book volume was delivered in Japan on October 12. Square Enix Manga and Books authorized Agitogi, Tsukioka, and Rito Kohsaka’s My Happy Marriage manga variation of the light clever series, and it will send off it truly and carefully on June 21.

The storyline of the novel

Miyo Saimori was the sad offspring of a cold, organized marriage. After her mom kicked the bucket, her dad got his darling and her little girl, Kaya. From that point on, Miyo’s life was diminished to that of a simple worker. Surprisingly more terrible, while Kaya acquired the family’s clairvoyant capacities, Miyo had none — she was the girl with no legitimacy.


From a difficult childhood to an excruciating marriage, that is the future that anticipates Miyo — or so she thinks. Despite her assumptions, her new spouse is compassionate. What truly anticipates Miyo is a merry, never-ending marriage loaded with bliss!

The plot of the show

A frightened and abused girl is projected out of her family home and shipped off tryout as a wedding contender for the beneficiary of perhaps of the most remarkable family in the land. Considered near useless for having neglected to acquire the godlike abilities of the bloodlines into which she was conceived, Miyo Saimori experiences her days undesirable and disliked. She is treated as a worker by her relative who, in contrast to Miyo, is honored with uncommon powers, while her step-mother and own personal dad have a brief period of love for their oldest little girl. Eventually seen as just an irritation and a channel on the family riches, Miyo is stuffed off to the Kudo house as a wedding contender for its main beneficiary, Kyoka Kudo. However, murmurs flourish about the Kudo tribe, the most remarkable in all the land. In any case, will the purportedly cold and awful house into which Miyo plans to wed demonstrate a lot healthier than the family she abandoned?

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