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One Piece Chapter 1049-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Before, Kaidou was put in the guardianship of the Marines so his nation could join the World Government until he got away and joined the Rocks Pirates. In the present as the leftover CP0 specialist escapes and the water from Raizo’s parchment spreads all through the remainder of the Skull Dome to drench the remainder of the fire, Kaidou’s Flame Clouds vanish around Onigashima. As Luffy pronounces that he will make an existence where his companions can eat however much they like, he oversees the last blow. Momonosuke effectively makes his Flame Clouds to securely land Onigashima, similarly to both he and Luffy breaking down from fatigue.

What happens in the Chapter

During their conflict, Kaidou recognizes Luffy for making it this far, however, he accepts he can never impact the world.

Kaidou then recalls his childhood. At the point when he was 10 years of age, he was at that point considered in his home of Vodka Kingdom. A couple of years after the fact, nonetheless, the realm was uncovered to be battling to earn enough to get by with the Heavenly Tribute, depending on doing battle to hold onto plunder to pay for their situation in the World Government. To ensure a spot in the Lively (and because they couldn’t deal with him any longer), the ruler of the nation presented the youthful Kaidou to the World Government, much to his wrath. In any case, he had the option to get away from the Marines’ care, procuring himself an abundance and talking that he just gets caught eating something on the jail ships.


After two years, on Hachinosu, Kaidou encouraged his standing with his imposing strength, which prompted Edward Newgate to carry him to Rocks, news that shook the world. In the long run, the Rocks Pirates fell and Kaidou struck out all alone. As he was framing the Beasts Pirates, he was drawn nearer by Kurozumi Higurashi, who offered him a suggestion that prompted his collusion with Kurozumi Orochi in Wano. Kaidou acknowledged her terms and a lot later, he pronounces he will instruct the “harmony cherishing” aristocrats on the shocking idea of war, and make a reality where one’s still up in the air by strength. Afterward, he trusts to King that he heard Yamato notice “Bliss Boy,” and on the off chance that he is the individual King is hanging tight for, he knows precisely what his identity is.

Notwithstanding, Kaidou’s Flame Clouds have vanished, meaning the island will fall soon. Kaidou requests Luffy what kind of world he needs to make, similarly to Momonosuke at long last delivering his Flame Clouds to help the island. Concerning Luffy, he advises Kaidou that he needs to make a reality where his companions can eat however much they like as his clenched hand tears through Kaidou’s fire-winged serpent and smack him directly upside the head, sending him straight and profound into the ground. Momonosuke drops Onigashima securely close to the Flower Capital and drops from depletion, as does Luffy.



Before Kaidou let King know that Joy Boy is the one who will presumably overcome him, however, King with certainty accepted he could never show up.

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