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Reality Quest Chapter 34-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Reality Quest Chapter 34 will manage the outcome of the dangerous fight. In the past episode, Do-Wan got an errand to save Ji-han. That let him stress over his buddy. Be that as it may, he some way or another figured out how to arrive at the area. He had an incensed fight against Gu-Min and his gathering. Even though he had hit everybody at this point, one of Gu-Min’s companions was still there. Now in Chapter 34, Do-Wan should fight alone with Gu-Min’s costly companion named Kim Ganj-Jae. He will give an extreme battle to Do-Wan. Be that as it may, Do-Wan will some way or another figure out how to handle this individual. Later he will move toward Gu-Min and have a word with Jin-Han. Will Jin-Han uncover his bond with Gu-Min? Continue to peruse to know more.



In Reality Quest Chapter 33, Ji-Han thought back about when he was in center school. He visited her mother at the clinic. Both mother and child had a decent discussion. His mom additionally adulated him. She respected her child’s search in the center school uniform in Reality Quest Chapter 33. At the point when Ji-Han chose to leave, he ran into Gu-Min, who was additionally there to visit his mother. From that day, they became companions. Yet, their companionship didn’t stand the test of time.

Before long the scene moved to right now. In part 32, Gu-Min and his companions strongly took Ji-Han with him, where Gu-Min hit him hard. Do-Wan attempted to track down him, and fortunately, he heard somebody’s words and chose to follow them. It assisted him with arriving at Ji-Han. Before long he enjoyed a battle, and Ji-Han was shocked to see Do-Wan in a battling mode. He thumps down the rivals just with a single shot.


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Kim Ganj-Jae awakens in his rest when Gu-Min tells Ji-Han that he, as well, has a costly companion like Do-Wan. Presumably, he was pointing at Kim Ganj-Jae, who appeared to be baffled. In Reality Quest Chapter 34, Do-Wan and Ganj-Jae will have a dangerous fight. Even though Do-Wan endure others’ assaults, it would be difficult for him to manage Ganj-Jae. Yet, it doesn’t imply that he can’t remain against him. He will give Ganj-Jae an extreme battle and will at long last win the fight. After taking out Ganj-Jae, Do-Wan will move toward Gu-Min. They will battle when Ji-Han makes an honest effort to stop it. Nonetheless, unfortunately Ji-Han needs to stand by till Do-Wan follows through with his job. He will likewise get some information about his hatred towards Ji-Han. Aside from this, Do-Wan will likewise get some information about their companionship and how Gu-Min and Ji-Han finished their fellowship in Reality Quest Chapter 34.

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