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Reincarnation Of A Suicidal Battle God Chapter 49 check out now here!

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A time travel activity dream of the most grounded of humankind. “Regardless of whether the nauseating divine beings allowed me this opportunity, an open door is as yet an open door. Since they need to wind up dying, I will kill them.” The last overcomer of humankind, Zephyr. The battle with the devils finished in disgrace and the divine beings allowed him an opportunity to return 10 years in time. The evil presence who removed everything from people and the divine beings who regarded people as creatures for touring. This time, I will destroy them.


The plot of the show

Zephyr is the last human battling detestable in a world deserted by divine beings. At the point when he is killed fighting by Tartarus, the lord of annihilation, all except mankind appears to be lost. Yet, Zephyr’s destiny isn’t fixed the divine beings who find his fights engaging have gifted him another opportunity at life, as he is sent a decade into the past, back to when he was a slave rather than the most impressive human on earth. Might Zephyr at any point seek his retribution against Tartarus and save the lady he cherishes, or would he say he is ill-fated to rehash the past?

Spoiler of Chapter 49

This chapter has come out like a shock for the fans, it has revealed some of the darkest secrets. Ned has got to know a lot of things in this chapter. The chapter reveals that Ned’s sister is not only a disciple but she is a shadow disciple. Ned has not been able to take this well as he was expecting Zephyr to be the shadow disciple.


Ned was not able to take this and it was also revealed to him that his sister is one of the twelve apostles. Ned is heartbroken and is not in the right state of mind.

In the upcoming episode, there can be a rift between Zephyr and Ned because Ned lied to him about being the shadow disciple. It will be revealed how Zephyr knows the tricks that are only known by shadow disciples and what explanation will Zephyr give to Ned.

Fans reaction

Some of the fans believe that Ned has proactively thought Zephyr wasn’t the genuine Shadow Disciple since Zephyr uncovered his arrangement to crash the assault while aiding Ned out to receive the rewards. Ned’s problem will not foster a break in that frame of mind with Zephyr, particularly after the amount Zephyr has helped him out to get payback against Alden. Fans are scared about the rift that will be created between the two since Zephyr lied to Ned. Moreover, fans are excited to know if Ned’s sister knows about being a disciple and cares enough about it

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