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Slave Harem In The Labyrinth Of The Another World Episode 3

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Shachi Sogano wrote the light novel series “Slave Harem in the Different World”. Shikiji explained this. This novel was published online between 2011 and 2019. Passionate people premiered the animated version of this novel in July 2022. Two original video animations of the same thing will be bundled with the Blu0ray and DVD Box series, which will be released on November 25th and December 23rd, 2022, respectively. Harlem will soon be released in Episode 3 of the Labyrinth of Another World. The characters in this anime are Michio Kaga, Roxanne, Shelley, and Allen.

The main character of the anime is Michio Kaga. Kaga is confused about the premise of a cheap online fantasy game. His “cheat” ability also focuses on examining everything around him, so he understands the strengths and weaknesses of people. Kaga’s kendo skills and keen heart help him stay in this difficult environment.

Kaga is aging and a time warp is shown that now has five slaves, including Roxanne. The story goes back to the present, and Kaga still needs 70,000 before buying Roxanne. What will Kaga do next? Harlem’s third installment in Slave Harem in the Different World may provide an answer.

Kaga still needs a lot to get Roxanne, so he goes into a maze to plunder more valuables. He decided to learn more about his current skills: heroes, explorers, and thieves.
He started fighting monsters, but he found that every time he killed a monster, his magic was exhausted and he was depressed. Kaga decided not to use magic during that time, but to use other means to obtain his loot.

The third episode of Harlem in the Different World Labyrinth will be released in Japan on July 20, 2022. Where can ambitious viewers watch the episode? Crunchyroll has confirmed that Harlem will be streamed in Slave Harem in the Different World. Please note that
Crunchyroll has reduced the number of free series available. This means that aspiring viewers need to subscribe to the series.

To become a member, viewers must subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Members have access to a variety of benefits, including ad-free programming, simultaneous broadcasts, and offline viewing. There are no English dubbed updates at this time.

Harlem Episode 3 in Slave Harem in the Different World

When Michio wakes up in the bear, he finds himself participating in one of the games he finds on the internet. He looked around and, to his surprise, noticed that the villagers were trying to fight the bandits. He sees this situation as part of the game’s premise, killing bandits and earning money and more points. After rescuing the villager, he tries to log out of the game, but he can’t. When he faces reality, he struggles to create something of his own in his newly created reality.

He embarks on a new journey to a whole new village. In the village, he met a slaver, who offered to buy a beautiful slave from him. Michio decided to buy Roxanne from there. Roxanne is one of the most beautiful slave non-human wolves. The labyrinth episode 3 harem is a fun twist for Michio to face new challenges and experience different things for the first time.


Release Time. 

As part of Crunchyroll’s membership benefits, subscribers will be able to watch the episode about an hour after it’s released in Japan.
However, this depends on the viewer’s time zone. Below is a schedule based on the release of Episode 2.
Pacific Time: 8:30 am
Central Standard Time: 10: 30 a.m
Eastern Time: 11:30 am
UK time: 4:30 pm

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