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Volcanic Age Chapter 212-Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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In chapter 212, we will see how Sword God will work on a plan to defeat Phecda. When Bear Fist asked for Sword God’s help in the previous chapter, there everyone started believing that Dan Li Hwa had cheated them and gone corrupted by spiders’ poison. But that was not the truth. It was Bear Fist who had betrayed them as he joined their opponent’s army.

The next episode will now feature a battle between Sword God and Phecda, his fiercest and most cunning foe. To eliminate Sword God as quickly as possible, he will use his greatest soldiers. But to preserve his life, Sword God must remain focused. Sword God: Will He Live?

Volcanic Age Chapter 212: What Will Happen Next?

Alkaid declared that he would go up against the Sword God by himself. But Phecda gave him the go-ahead to murder Sword God right away. Sword God then assured him and said he would carry out his request and get ready to pass away. But was shocked when Alkaid stopped his stronger, shapeless sword energy. He was astonished by that. Sword God, however, decided to make a second move. He and Alkaid will keep fighting, and both use their finest maneuver.

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But their conflict won’t go on for long. This is due to the ghost’s interference. While Sword God is engaged in combat with his foe, she intends to assassinate him from behind. Sword God, however, will detect something and avoid her strike. Dan Li will visit the cave and discover that no one has survived the onslaught by the enormous spider. She will therefore come back to aid Sword God. Alkaid and the small ghost will fight beside her and Sword God. Alkaid and his troops will have to depart this forest once they receive assistance from their fellow soldiers.

A Quick Recap!

Bear Fist and Sword God had previously arrived at the location where Dan Li Hwa was lying injured next to the enormous spider creatures in Volcanic Age Chapter 211. She was charged with betraying them by Bear Fist. She followed Tang Myeong’s example, he continued. She massacred her allies after deceiving them. So he desired to impart a valuable lesson to her. He was stopped by Sword God, who warned that it was a ruse. Since they first met, Bear Fist has been acting. Sword God quickly detected that a dark heavenly party was instigating it.


Later, a knight in armor appeared on the show and expressed his admiration for how swiftly Sword God understood everything. Sword God was taken aback by that armor, though, and he questioned whether Alkaid was instigating this. He quickly realized that he was correct. As Alkaid showed himself, they were ready for a one-on-one conflict. Sword God used his skill to strike him, but Alkaid hurt Dan Li with his sword. Sword God was stunned to discover the strange historical weapon.

What is the release date of Chapter 212 of Volcanic Age?

Chapter 212 of Volcanic Age follows an even release pattern. So the latest episode has already been released on July 14, 2022.

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