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Why is they pondering on “How To Hide An Emperor’s Child” read more to know about chapter 44

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Have you heard about this before? Someone trying to hide the Emperor’s child! How thrilling would it be?
Continue to read to know more about this.

Astel sticks to his words in Chapter 44 on how to hide the emperor’s children. She and her family were assassinated in the previous chapter. His Majesty bets his life to save Astel’s life. But things became dramatic and she became anxious. But His Majesty survived the attack, and Astel met her long-lost brother. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest chapters. Now, in the next chapter, Fritz tries to convince Astel to stay in the capital. He does the same with His Majesty. But Astel will stand up to her decision. But something will change everything between His Majesty and Astel. Read below for more information.


What Happens Next?

Fritz visits his grandfather and organizes a charity ball, so he tries to convince him to stay in the capital for at least a few more days.  Meanwhile, His Majesty hunts down and interrogates Marquis Creussen. He tries to apologize, but His Majesty does not give him a second chance and asks his companions to take Creussen and Lady Marianne to the dungeon.

His Majesty chooses to talk to her when he learns of Astel’s decision to return within a few days of her. But Astel refuses to say anything about her and tells him to let her go. He doesn’t want to lose her girlfriend again, but she won’t be able to convince her. But when Fritz hands over Sigmund’s belongings to His Majesty, somehow he will find out that the theory is his son.

A summary!

Earlier, in Chapter 43, How to Hide Her Emperor’s Child, Astel’s brother Fritz visited her. Everyone seemed a little nervous after the assassin attacked Theory and His Majesty. His Majesty tried to reach the root of the problem after finding the main culprit behind this attack. Returning to Fritz, he visited her sister. Some flashbacks soon revealed the relationship between Astel and Fritz.


She shared how close they were in the past. Her father was always cold to them, but Fritz was always able to help and support her.
She later introduced them to Sigmund’s son, Theor.

But her father refused to do it. However, Astel demanded that they want these items. He later asked her to stay in her capital while organizing a charity ball. But she revealed that she would only stay in the capital for two more days

Release Date

The method of hiding the emperor’s child follows a stable release pattern. Therefore, Chapter 44 will be released on July 14, 2022. It reveals the fate of theory and how Her Majesty reacts after learning the truth. Does he accept the theory? It will be difficult for both Astel and His Majesty. stay tuned.

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