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One Punch Man Chapter 169 is out, read more to know more

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God is the last piece left on this chessboard and has not yet entered the battlefield. It was God who gave Gallow this power. And the man, who has been an idealist since training, decided to use his power to eradicate all the injustices of the world.

But Saitama got in the way. Much will unfold as Saitama and Gallow have a final conversation about the manifestation of the Force. Everything you need to know about going out this week is One Punch Man Chapter 169. In the next chapter, we will conclude the Ark of the Monster Association at once. 

Absolute evil has been defeated. However, the purpose of power is a long-standing question in Saitama. One Punch Man Chapter 169: The Beginning of a New Ark! 

The final conversation between Saitama and Gallow has not yet taken place in One Punch Man Chapter 169. Gallow confronts Saitama on the bed of death. He asks him what he is trying to do with all the power given to him.

As for Gallow, he wanted to be evil to eliminate all sorts of biased injustice from the world.

This man, who has all the power in the world, will be able to enforce a sense of equality among the people. However, Saitama has been messing around with his power throughout his life.


This is where the bald hero questions the purpose of his powers. And with big questions in the minds of the protagonist and readers, Murata plans to complete the Monster Association arc. And now it will be interesting to see which new plotlines begin at this point. New update: Murata has completed 9 more scripts! 

A recent tweet from artist Murata Seisakusho confirmed that he is working on the next chapter, One-Punch Man Chapter 169. This is going well. The artist sets a deadline of 12 pages in one day.

He has already completed many of these tasks. Next time, I decided to buy only 9 manuscripts and take a break. This all means he plans to complete the Monster Society Ark on his latest outing.

A summary! 

In the final chapter, the story begins where Saitama doesn’t waste a  second defeating Gallow. He teleported from almost every portal and knocked down Garou. The bald hero then saw Genos’s heart in his hand. Seeing the student’s last remains, his heart was once again full of anger. But Gallow quickly realized that these moves would kill him from one minute to the next. Therefore, he planned to repeat every move the protagonist made. 

Saitama’s punch became stronger, so this plan didn’t work either. The next panel showed that Saitama’s increased emotions led to an increase in his power. Fans also pointed out that there was a point where Gallow could be stronger than Saitama. But that point was quickly lost. This was followed by a “serious sneeze” attack that eventually destroyed the entire Jupiter.


However, Garou decided to take revenge and took them both to another dimension to reduce the collateral damage. This was the moment  Garou thought he had won the match. But this certainly wasn’t the case. In the last part of the chapter, Garou realizes there is no way he can win the battle. So he asked Saitama to join him in the new dimension, so he could teach him some of his moves that could continue his martial arts legacy. 

This is when both go to the future and launch the same attack. However, Gallow then decided that all the damage done had to be undone. This chapter ended back at the moment before either Saitama or the Absolutely Evil Gallow fired the first punch. And  Saitama defeated the monster with a single blow.

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