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All you should know about Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 270

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Kaguya is patiently waiting for the right moment to become a phoenix and start a new life. She may meet Miyuki during this time. Love Is War Chapter 270 is released this week. The final release date for this chapter is set for July 14, 2022. Only the official Viz Media page provides access to all chapters 


Kaguya-sama I am a Japanese romance manga series. Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shiragin are representatives of the disciples of the Venerable Master’s School, Sademy. No matter how much they are in love, no one wants to admit it. Shirogane and Kaguya cannot express each other’s feelings, so they try to persuade each other. Individuals engage in strange mental games that try to trick their minds. As the manga progresses, it is revealed that Shirogane either disbands or gives up on his dream of studying abroad with Kaguya. 


What’s next?

Miyuki did not appear in the manga. He could be back on screen soon. Kaguya, contrary to popular belief, has not fared very well in Japan. Her enthusiasm for becoming a photographer does not match her skills. Kaguya was shocked to see Mr. Ishigami clicking sound. He told her that her Kaguya had a lot of necessary skills. Kaguya-sama is a war Chapter 269 may include a conversation between Kaguya-sama and Miyuki. Her student council president explains to her how she continues to work on art forms that she hasn’t touched on for years. It will be fascinating to see what Kaguya gets out of this conversation. 

 RAW Scan Release Date 

Kaguya-sama wants to tell you that 270 Raw scans were not available at the time of this writing. These spoilers are usually circulated online 3-4 days before his official release date. These spoilers can be found on the web via Reddit and 4chan. This week’s estimated ship date is July 5, 2022. 

This week is the final release date for Kaguya-sama Ai War Chapter 270. Still, the comic’s happy ending may not be what readers were hoping for. Miyuki moves to Stanford University and begins a new chapter in her life. Kaguya is stranded in Japan after her father’s death. Now that we’ve talked to Miyuki, she may be able to find the motivation to restart her things.

Miyuki will know more about Kaguya’s worries in the next Kaguya-sama plot. He is determined to help her. It’s fascinating to see how Kaguya reacts in real life.


Expectations and spoilers 

Miyuki is not mentioned in the manga. He may reappear on the screen at any time. Kaguya, contrary to popular belief, has not achieved the expected results in Japan. She claims to be an avid photographer, but her photography skills are inadequate. After Ishigami noticed Kaguya clicking, she reminded Kaguya that there was a lot to fix. Kaguya-sama is a war. In Chapter 270, Kaguya-sama and Miyuki can have an informal conversation. It’s time to return to an art form that hasn’t been touched for a while. Let’s see what Kaguya learns from this conversation. 


Kaguya stayed in Japan for half a year after Gan’s death and was satisfied with what he had. She was indifferent after the death of her father. Kaguya decided to go to the Ishigami family someday to clear his head. Then she showed me some of the pictures she took at her house. Ishigami tried not to be rude and admitted that the click was a little sloppy. Ishigami then asked how to take better pictures. She was confident in her abilities when Ishigami promised her to learn everything slowly and orderly. At the end of the chapter, Kaguya wants to be alone in the bedroom and take a picture of her father before he leaves.

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